3 Best Mobile Applications for Your Kid’s Safety

We are living in the digital world where all the things are upgrading quite speedily. Everyone just wants to connect to the virtual world where they can connect to billions of people with just a simple touch on a screen. Connecting with others has become the easiest and fun task to do, and you surely agree that it can become quite interesting and that’s the reason why we are all doing in our free time.

Now, coming to the point which I was trying to make is that giving your kids a phone early in age is not the right way to introduce them to new technologies but the times are tough and you would have to give them phones so that they can connect with their friends and share schoolwork and other vital information regarding the study. We all know that social media and Phones are both, boon and bane sometimes.

The question arises when you have lost your touch with the child and you feel like they are feeling low and you want to know about them. Surely, you can try to reconnect with the old methods of directing approaching the elephant in the room and ask them all about it but the chances are less that you are going to get info about it. Moreover, there are not many options that you can try out but you may wonder how to track my daughter’s phone without her knowing? we have prepared a list of applications that are going to assist you to know about your children without them knowing. Before that read the below harmful issues that the applications are going to solve for you permanently.

Which are the security issues these apps would solve?

Cyber Bullying

According to a recent study, more than 1/3 of the teens are suffering from cyberbullying and that leads to health problems such as depression, and anxiety. Generally, they don’t share this with their parents so you can get the help of these apps to monitor if your child is alright or not.

Health Issues

Social media has just become another place for comparing yourself with others, and we seriously need to stop the continuous usage of this nonstop information through our digital screens. Some kids do get addicted to these activities and it can lead to severe health problems in the long run. So, with these aidful applications, you can control how much content they consume during the day.


Parents do get worried when their kids don’t come to the home at the scheduled time. Calling them is the only option for normal situations and it gets irritating for you and them as well. With these 3 applications, you won’t need to call them whenever they come late as you can directly see the location of them with the tracker functionality.

Adult Content

The chances of your kid stumble upon explicit content on the internet is high as there are all kinds of content on the internet right now. But you should not worry about that as these applications track browsing history with the monitoring capabilities of call logs as well as private chats. So, you can rest assured about the content your children are consuming.

Apps That Covers All Aspects

  • These applications are going to take care of all needs regarding the tracking of your kids’ activities for you.
  • We have chosen the services which support not only Android, iPhones but also Web Interface so you can just log in with credentials from the laptop as well.
  • These below applications are intuitive enough that anyone can learn to get around quickly without going through a lot.
  • There are so many variations of packages so pay for only what you need.

Qustodio Parental Control

This app comes with all the services like parental control utility, web filtering, app blocking, and a detailed activity call log and chat log with the help of android, iOS application as well as online web dashboard for PCs and Laptops.


  • Cross-Platform Integration
  • Easy To Manage, Easy To Understand
  • Robust App Blocking


  • Expensive Than Other Options
  • Social Media Tracking Can Be Improved

Kaspersky Safe Kids

If you are finding an application with no limitations on the numbers on the devices that you can monitor from then this is the one. Kaspersky Safe Kids is the modern parental control app with all the security features to make sure your kid is safe. Although you can not compare these services with Qustodio’s features yet this sure is the great option to go for.


  • Affordable Services
  • No Limitations On Devices
  • Strong Web Filtering


  • Web Interface Is Not That Good
  • Has Some iOS Limitations

Symantec Norton Family Premier

This parental utility service is the one with the average cost and features that are easily set up without having any sweat. These monitoring programs are very stealthy and benefit parents ensuring kids’ safety. This Norton Family Premier helps parents to set up the account and monitor kids’ activities from unlimited devices. Although the only limitation we found during using this service is that it doesn’t work in Macs.


  • Affordable Yet Work Accordingly
  • Easy Setup
  • No Limitations On Devices


  • Doesn’t Work In Macs
  • Social Media Tracking Is Not Upto The Mark

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