Best Hunting Games For Free Android And IOS 2019

Hunting games for free have always been a treat for gamers who are interested in shooting games and bow hunting games. Morever, deer hunting games are popular now-a-days, since the deer hunter 2014 game was introduced and became popular. So, here we are going to list some of the best hunting games for android and ios for 2017. The best thing is, all of these hunting games are for free. You can play many of these hunting games online but most of them are offline 🙂

Best Free Hunting Games 2019

Android and iOS have rich environment for gaming with tons of games that are already available and tons of new games that are making their way in to the app store. Be it Multiplayer game, Racing game, or any game for that matter you can find it and have fun with it. Among all the genre of games that we have, off lately we are finding growing craze for hunting games for iOS and android and there are literally tons of games in the play store which makes it kind of tough to decides the best deer hunting games for android, so we thought we’d help you chose the best hunting games for free, yes we will list out the hunting games free to download and play in you iOS and Android smartphones. You can download youtube videos and many other videos from website of vidmate app.

1. Deer Hunter 2014 game (free)


This game is one of the best deer hunting games free. Deer hunter needs no special introduction now, The game is created by Glu studios is without a doubt one of the best deer hunting game that is available for Apple and Android devices. Deer hunter opens its gate to 100’s of unknown and new species that you can hunt down and earn rewards.


From the creators of Deer Hunter comes yet another masterpiece, the Deer Hunter Reloaded. The DHR is an improved version of its predecessor with visually stunning graphics and X-Ray mode that gives perfect aim while hunting down. The environment is now improved with better quality textures that gives the game the required boost and attention.

3. Dino Hunter:


Deadly Shores: Dino Hunting is yet another addictive game that we found ourselves playing off lately. The game features exotic new locations that keeps to engaged to the game no matter what, the guns, ammo only makes the thing better that it already is. The graphics and sound composing is one of the best part of the game. The game unlocks several new Jurassic locations allowing you to explore and kill the creature with sexy weapons like Rocket launcher and Cross bow.

4. Wild Hunter 3D


Hunting wild life animals by slowly approaching them, then aiming at them and shooting is tab bit old tradition now. The Wild Hunter 3D will allow you to board vehicles and hunt animals on the Go, this interesting approach of game play caught our eye and ended up being in the best hunting games for Android list. The game totally has over 200 missions with real world weapons to use while taking down the wild life. Won’t say a masterpiece game, but truly addictive and worth a shot.

5. Zombie Hunter Apocalypse:


Animal hunting is fun, but too much hunting makes it boring so for a change here’s a game where you need to take down the walking dead. The Zombie Hunter Apocalypse is a game that creates 3D environment that is scary and at the same time realistic. The game has over 250+ mission where-in you use the latest weapons and strategies to take out zombies from world.

That’s it for the hunting games free online and offline post. Hope you liked these hunting games for free and deer hunting games and will enjoy playing. Play and enjoy 🙂 Have a good game you think should be on this list? Let us know in the comments.

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