Best Strategy Games For Android 2020

There are literally tons of Android games in Play store for us to play and have some fun but among all the categories Strategy games have become so much popular. Strategy games on android phone makes you get addicted to it and makes you play again and again, especially if it can be played online with other users. That makes one of the most popular genre among other genre’s. And like any other Genre games, Strategy also has so big big titles competing head on head.

Best Strategy Games For Android 2018

So to avoid the unwanted confusion to our reader, we have compiled a list of free best strategy games for android. So let’s get started to give you best mobile strategy games. We have also given best civilization games, war base building, empire building, civilization and RTS games in list. 

Clash of Clans


Created by SuperCell, Clash of Clans is on of the top and most played Android for any Genre in Android. The game concept give you total control over your character that makes it get addicted to it. You will have to build your own kingdom and raise your army to build your profile. Defeating enemies land will fetch you gold coins though which you will have to upgrade the weaponry. According to us, this is the best strategy game for android phone. It’s also highly addictive, play it and you’ll know 😉

Game Size: 86 MB

Number of Installs: 100,000,000

Play store rating: 4.6

Clash Royale: 


Comes from same creators of Clash of clans, Clash Royale is yet another master piece game. Though it comes from same creators, the game concept is completely different and it is developed based on its story lines. In Clash Royale, you will have to destroy the enemies Arena towers with the cards aka weapons available in your deck which maximum can handle 8 at a time. The thing that ties you to the game is that in no way you feel that you are under someone else, its gives you full control over your Arena towers which you need to protect and at the same time destroy enemies. It is awesome and one of best mobile war base building game.

Game Size: 90 MB

Number of Installs: 100,000,000

Play Store Rating: 4.5

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Plants vs Zombies: 


EA Arts is quit familiar to all, their gaming line up is huge with some famous titles in their bag, comes yet another amazing game called the Plants vs Zombies. The people who come back after being dead are called as Zombies. Plants vs Zombies has won 30 game of the year awards making it the most played Android game. This game is all about saving your backyard from Zombies that try to invade your backyard plats. Though EA Arts released the Plants vs Zombies 2, we still prefer the first game as it is sole of the game. It a good free war strategy game offline available. You can get Plants Vs Zombies 2 online at Dimble.Games and play.

Game Size: 61 MB

Number of Installs: 100,000,000

Play Store Rating: 4.4

The Walking Dead No Man’s Land: 


Inspired from the infamous The Walking Dead TV series, comes the The Walking Dead No Man’s Land. Generally we calls the Zombies as Walking Dead, because they are already brain dead but come back to life. The concept of Walking dead is simple, you need to take cover and survive the Zombie attack. We started playing this game recently after all the fuss that is going on and mostly importantly we are big fans of The Walking Dead TV show. The graphics and the challenges are brilliantly designed. Surly worth giving a shot. A good addition in survival strategy game.

Game Size: 277 MB

Number of Installs: 10,000,000

Play Store Rating: 4.4

 So, that was it for the list for the list best online and offline games for android smartphones 2018. You can play some of these games by making an user account in it online. Do you have any other war base building or civilization game that you think can make in this list? Let us know in the comments. Share this post with your friends and let them know about these awesome games too.

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