5 best virtual reality games of 2019

Virtual reality is one of the most innovative technology came in the past recent years. It is best for the people who are interested to experience new things. With the help of VR, we can view 360-degree videos and play games and enjoy games in the most entertaining way.

VR is the best way to enjoy games. Gamers really love to play games on VR Headsets but which games are best to play in VR? This is really a dilemma. So today I am going to tell you 5 best virtual reality games of 2019. One thing that most of the gamers lack is a good performing graphic card. Without a good graphics card, we cannot fully enjoy the games. Well, we did the hard work for you, you can check here the best graphics cards on which the games work like a charm.

Space junkies

This is Ubisoft’s first VR shooter game. The game is all about being in space and fighting. At the beginning of the game, player is left in space with the jetpack on the back and then you can go for 1v1 or 2v2 battle. All over the game is very good with a variety of maps and weapons.


  • Good gaming experience with online multiplayer.
  • Good maps and weapons make the game more interesting.


  • Not that much comfortable to play.
  • Controls are not good.

Fallout 4 VR

Fallout 4 is one of the VR games that you want to play at least once. With the detailed environment and engaging gunplay makes it on top 5. The game is all about exploring Boston wasteland what makes it good is that the environment totally fits for VR with awesome weapons which blow away all the things in the right situation.


  • Gunplay is very good and realistic.
  • The world is very big to explore.


  • Takes a while to get used to.

Skyrim VR

Skyrim is no doubt one of the most interactive games in VR. Because of its excellent world and wonderful sense of scale, it feels fantastic to play.

The game can be played on oculus rift, HTC Vive and play station. The experience of the game is excellent to play and the controls are really good on comparing to some to some other VR games.


  • Awesome world to explore.
  • Controls are really good.


  • No additional content beyond the vanilla experience.
  • Takes time to get used to it.


Allumette is a game from Penrose studios. The game story is all about a young girl in a cloud-borne village. In the game, you have a gorgeous world to explore. This actually is not a full game it is basically like a narration. But you start it you can’t stop viewing it is both charming and heartbreaking at the same time.


  • The storyline is very good and interesting.
  • The world is fully interesting and interactive.


  • No character actually speak the communication is done through emotions mainly.


Storm land is an open world game. The game starts with an event called teamset player has awoken after centuries and now has to journey through an ever-changing cloudscape to become a heroic fighter and save your friends. The game is all around very good and addictive to play.


  • Best storyline and environment.
  • Too many things to do in the game.


  • Controls can take time to get familiar.

That’s it for this post. So these are some games in VR you must play and have fun we will be back with some more interesting posts and articles. So keep checking our posts.

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