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With Microsoft’s roll-out of Launcher 10, there seems to be a surge in the demand for Android launchers. And why wouldn’t it be? Who does not love a windows- customized mobile phone? I believe even the not-so-tech-savvy lot of android users would have an urge to get some dazzling features on their gorilla glass screens. The best thing a launcher does is to blow away the mind of the user so that he becomes oblivious of the fact that he is using his phone and not PC. Agree or not, but this factor is the litmus test of a launcher’s success.

Users have made a beeline for this launcher after having to wait to wait for what seemed like donkey’s years. The reason behind the huge rise in the demand for budget windows phone is two-pronged. Firstly, the leading manufacturers of phone elude from launching them because the Windows OS is not free. These companies are supposed to get a license for installing the OS on their phones. Secondly, such windows phones have not hit the market in every region.

This new launch of Microsoft egged me on to change the launcher of my android phone and I am sure there will be hundred others who think alike. So what is the drill to get the look and feel of a Microsoft OS? I have picked up 10 best android launchers for you so that you don’t fritter away time browsing the best launcher or squander money on hoax sites.

Win 10 Launcher

We will begin with our blue-eyed boy: Windows 10. This is a small application that will eat up 4 megabytes of space of your device’s ROM. Once the application goes into commission, you will see tiles arranged on the screen similar to Windows OS tiles. It will provide the options of landscape and portrait mode and you will see two to three tiles placed in one row. Win 10 will also float a start menu that will exhibit the array of apps not shown on the screen. The icon of the launcher is bigger than other launchers. Your phone screen will remain thronged with ads and to get rid of them you will have to buy the Pro version which will cost you about $1. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best launcher for Android. Moreover, it has special custom icon pack for games like jetpack joyride. It has a feature resembling Windows 10 which is the taskbar placed on the bottom of the screen.

Launcher 8 WP Style

This app installs Windows 8.1 OS launcher in your device and runs on the lines of windows 8 by lock screen. It asks you to set a password and ward off any unauthorised access to your phone. It allows you to modify the size and position of the icon. You can also change the transparency as well the as the grid size on the screen. But the pitfall is that you have to give it access to annoying pop-ups. I bet pop-ups get into the nerves of every individual. Also your text messages will be open up for scrutiny to the windows and you have to give notification access too. However it still has laudable rating of 4.4.

Home 10 Launcher

This is quite a colourful app. When you install this, you have to feed in the name of your country and choose a layout. It will also ask you to configure either your Facebook account or Gmail account. You might also have to enter your twitter ID. The most amazing feature of this launcher is that it comes in 45 different colours. So, you will be spoilt for choice! There will be tiles for some apps which will be brought to your notice with a notification alert. You can also change the position of tiles and choose to stick contacts on the home screen.

Metro Ul Launcher 8.1

This application follows suit the look and feel of windows 8.0 OS. It will add a chic home screen in a metro fashion in your phone. You can select the widgets and contacts and pin them on the launcher, supported by a general customisation. Your screen will be embellished with a sidebar like that of Charm bar of Windows OS.

Square Home 2: This launcher has a special feature which resembles the customisation with that of Windows 10. It is compatible with all types of Android versions and devices. This will be a different experience for you altogether.

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Windows 7 Launcher

This launcher and Windows 7 are like two peas in a pod. When you use it, you will feel like you are using Windows 7. For using this launcher you need not install a custom ROM. A taskbar and start menu will be displayed at the screen of your phone just like Windows 7 OS. You will not find this launcher at Google Play Store. So get going and check out its appealing interface.

Home8 launcher

This launcher has lesser customisation features as compared to other launchers but functions in a similar manner. It has less of colour and theme customs. You will see live widgets pinned on your screen like that of weather, news, stock market, Facebook, cricket scores, etc. Apart from other features, it will also display tiles of Gmail, Calendar, Facebook, and Twitter, all for prices to the tune of $2.21. The striking feature of this launcher is the realistic and vibrant look of tiles bamboozled in the screen.

8.1 Metro Look Launcher

The best thing it does to your phone is that it does not install the Windows on the phone but brings about the appearance only. By now you must have conjectured something very basic about this launcher. Yes, it is based on Windows 8.1. You will be taken aback by the look of this launcher which resembles Windows 8.1. Your hands will not need more than a few seconds to acclimatize with this launcher to swipe and fetch the app tray. It has a beautiful and smooth UI. You will see a big icon whose size can be changed. It has a big horde of features common with other launchers like customisation of tiles, colour, etc.

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