Books on how to start development on Node.js

Decided to learn Node.js? Feel free to start learning if you have minimal knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, and a basic understanding of the basic principles of web development. At GoIT, we do not recommend for complete newcomers to IT to start learning how to work with this technology.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is a server-side JavaScript runtime. And as you understand, the main advantage of the technology is that developers can use the same programming language both for the front-end and for the back-end part of the web applications they are working on, such as in

Scopes of Node.js technology are creation and development:

  • API;
  • streaming applications;
  • real-time applications;
  • microservices;
  • console applications;
  • desktop (desktop) applications.

This speaks of the relevance and relevance of learning Node.js technology.

You have 4 ways to learn Node.js.

Free online tutorials on Node.js

There are quite a few free videos on the internet for learning Node.js. They are posted on:

  • YouTube channels,
  • torrent trackers,
  • on IT sites.

Their advantage is that information is freely available.

Their disadvantages:

  • the material is often outdated and rather superficial,
  • current knowledge is found only in English-language materials, which means that you need a good knowledge of English.

TIP: to find up-to-date information – search the Internet for forums of IT specialists with rooms “Node.js” or Telegram groups. In them, you can read early correspondence and ask questions to participants in order to find answers to any questions.

Online courses on Node.js on the Internet

Online Node.js courses are the best way to learn the technology on your own.

Js courses can be purchased relatively inexpensively on sites like udemy.

Their advantages:

  • more up-to-date information as authors follow their courses;
  • there are courses in different languages.

Their disadvantages:

  • you need to google a lot, because in every course there are “blind spots” – the lack of information that the author considered “too elementary”, etc .;
  • you need to understand English for vue js.

Node.js Books

Books on learning Node.js are a classic approach to learning programming in this environment.

Their advantages:

up-to-date information, since books are constantly reprinted;

information in books is presented in a comprehensive manner, which improves perception;

inexpensive price compared to courses.

If you are a beginner back-end or full-stack developer and want to learn Node.js technology, there are such main books.

“Web development with Node and Express. Making Full Use of the JavaScript Stack, 2nd Edition, by Ethan Brown.

Node.js Books: Web Development with Node and Express

It will explain the logic behind building classic web applications.

The book covers topics from server rendering to developing APIs for working with single-page applications (SPA). The basis is the creation of a dynamic web application using Express – a key framework for development in Node.js.

Node.js book in action. The books reflect the practices that Node.js developers face on a daily basis.

The book provides an understanding of building applications and basic Node.js frameworks. It also covers building an Express web application from scratch. Topics covered in working with databases, testing, and deploying web applications.

As noted above, Node.js technology is used in conjunction with command-line tools and desktop applications, and the book includes chapters on these areas of development.

This is very useful for novice developers since there is not as much material on these sections as we would like.

It also describes the functionality of the main Node.js modules in an accessible way and will be a good addition to the documentation.

In fact, there are a lot of decent books on learning Node.js.

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