Creating A Series On Instagram? Here Is How You Can Get More Traffic

Stumped with your Instagram follower count and don’t know what to do next? Maybe you’ve just started an Instagram account and want it to grow. Or even run a business online and direct your followers to your website.

Whatever your Instagram goals are, we’re here to help. Here is how you get more traffic, along with expert tips.

1 – Run Instagram Stories

That colorful ring you see on your IG account whenever you run an IG story shows that you’re active. Take the time to post short clips or reels to your account. You can use Instagram story maker tools to help you out, and you don’t have to create designs from scratch.

Stories could include highlights from your day, new updates, and sneak peeks into what you’re working on.

2 – Use Quality Hashtags

Don’t use random hashtags and expect to do well on the platform. Take the time and study your hashtags. You can boost your average engagement rates by using location tags too.


Be creative, and don’t use more than ten tags per post. Instagram users don’t get tired of seeing multiple hashtags, but you don’t want the algorithm to think you’re a bot and risk getting shadowbanned.

Posts that get maximum engagement usually have around seven hashtags. And be sure to follow a few of your hashtags to see what’s trending.

3 – Interact through DMs

If you have any followers who are liking multiple posts or leave comments on your account, you can interact with them. Chat with them through DMs and ask them questions.

For example:

What do they like about your content? 

What else would they want to see?

If you’re selling products or promotional services, you can redirect your followers to your website by sharing links. Add a small note telling about your offerings and ask for feedback. It’s a great way to bring more traffic to your website from Instagram.

4 – Ask Questions and Host Polls

If you’re scrambling for new content ideas and are running out of juice, you can take help. Host a poll on your IG account and post it as a story.

Your followers will react and respond to it. It’s a great way to get answers and direction on what you’re doing.

5 – Post Everyday

Instagram accounts that tend to make daily posts do better than others. Posting every day shows you’re active to the algorithm, and you’re more likely to get greater reach. If you post once every day, that equals seven posts a week!

Focus on making quality posts and write clear descriptions. Aim to provide value to your audience, and they will start following you.

6 – Review Your Analytics

One of the best ways to get more Instagram traffic is by taking a look at your analytics. You can filter posts based on the last three months and analyze which ones got the most impressions. Analytics tools will give insights into what you’re doing right.

To access Instagram Analytics, do this:

  • Open up your Instagram from your phone and look for the Insights button right next to Promotions.
  • Tap on it and review your top posts
  • You can sort your posts based on different filters and see the number of impressions.
  • Look for a pattern and see which ones have been doing well and the time periods of your posts.

Next, try making a similar post along the same theme as those. See if your reach or engagement rates go up. If it does, you have your answer.

Keep making high-quality posts like those, and you’ll be triggering the algorithm and growing soon enough.

7 – Post on IGTV and Reels

Make animated content and videos for your Instagram profile. Post them to IGTV and Reels. You can make short clips and share them as posts too. Instagram videos get more engagement than plain images.

This is because videos are more interactive and entertaining. Do a bit of research on what’s trending online and make video content around it.

8 – Go Live

Going live with your audience is a fantastic way to build your following. Try to be helpful and answer any questions they have. If your viewers love your content, you can interact with them through the Livestream chat.

You can re-upload these live streams to your YouTube and edit them later. Use websites like to help with the video editing process.

You don’t want to spend too much time editing and focus more on the content. There are many customizable templates Video Creek offers which can use for your edits, and they’re completely free.

Add music from the library and a bit of text using the templates, and you’ll be set! If you’re designing animated content for your website and blogs besides your IG, you can build a slideshow and link it to your stories.

9 – Collaborate with Others

Video collaborations and sharing each others’ posts are a fantastic way to get more engagement. If you know any Instagram influencers, you get along with, and they like your content, you can consider collaborating.

Keep in mind that this works only if the follower counts on your profile are similar. If there are any influencers offering paid promotions and shoutouts, you can take advantage of that.

Don’t pay your way up to a large following since your followers will find out. But once in a while, this strategy won’t hurt.

10 – Be Unique

Just like YouTube videos are about originality, Instagram is too. If you’re trying to get more views and engagements, just be yourself. Don’t copy others and mimic what they’re doing.

Niche down your segment and focus on creating content that only you can make. Being unique also means keeping things real. If you stand out as a true and authentic influencer, you’re likely to do well on the platform.

There are stories of many Instagram influencers who fake their life and get caught later. Don’t be one of them and be real instead.

Work on the designs and aesthetics of your posts. If you need advice, you can consult a graphic designer and take their help.


Getting more traffic to your Instagram isn’t that difficult when you know what to do. Hopefully, these tips will help you out. Focus on quality, consistency, and do your research before creating content.

It will make your feed look engaging and more professional. Also, clean up any signs of clutter and remove low-quality posts.

If you’re planning to turn your IG profile into a business account later, take these steps. It will become much easier that way.

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