What is the Difference between GTA 5 Mobile and GTA San Andreas Mobile?

It’s a very common debate among Grand Theft Auto fans and people are still confused when it comes to differentiating between GTA 5 and GTA San Andreas. It’s quite hard to explain the complete difference in few paragraphs as we have to explain several factors one by one in brief detail.

However; after doing our in-depth research on this topic, we have finally concluded the following major differences between these two Blockbusters of Rockstar Games.



The storyline of both of these games is quite different from each other. GTA San Andreas is focused on one character only while on the other hand GTA 5 allows you to switch between 3 different characters at a time.

The storyline and the events in GTA San Andreas are somehow limited and circled around few main characters, But GTA 5 is packed with never-ending action and adventure along with series of events that make this game more addictive and superior than its previous version GTA San Andreas.

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When it comes to the soundtrack, no one can dare to challenge Grand Theft Auto Games. However; the soundtrack of GTA 5 is filled with utter disappointment and most of the GTA fans were disappointed with its soundtrack. On the other hand, GTA San Andreas features a fantastic soundtrack and playlist of songs that go back to the golden era of the 90s. Even though the soundtrack doesn’t play many roles in the game, but still it’s a considerable factor among gaming enthusiasts.


In this modern gaming era, Graphics decide how successful any game is. There is no comparison between the graphics of GTA 5 and GTA San Andreas, GTA 5 features excellent and high-quality graphics that look far more realistic than GTA San Andreas. We know there is a major difference between the release date of both of these games, but to be very honest GTA 5 is a clear winner based on facts and logic.


Physics plays a very vital role in every action-adventure video game. The GTA 5 offers excellent physics and several options such as driving controls, shootings and walking have been improved significantly. The physics of GTA San Andreas is not up to the mark, however; it’s a decade-old game now, and somehow its physics is justified if we compare it with other games of that time.


Both GTA 5 and GTA San Andreas are the two most popular action-adventure games among gaming lovers. These two games are also quite popular till now in the entire Grand Theft Auto series due to a variety of reasons. However; if you are trying to choose between the two games, then you must try GTA 5 as it’s based on high-quality graphics and more advanced gaming technologies that weren’t available at the time of GTA San Andreas back in 2004.

However; if you have an underpowered system, then you can go for GTA San Andreas as it’s still better than most of today’s action-adventure games.

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