Excellent Tip Guide for New MacBook Owners


If you purchase a MacBook, you should be pretty happy with your new computer. Macs are reliable and provide a plethora of neat features. These are just a few reasons why Apple computers continue to become more and more popular.

Of course, if you are not familiar with macOS, it will take some time to get adjusted because there are significant differences when you compare macOS and Windows. And in case you do not have the luxury to learn a new operating system at your own pace because of work, take a proactive approach and study what the MacBook has to offer and how to boost productivity while using it.

Reset Mac for Better Performance

Overall, Macs are known for their performance, and there should be few instances when the computer slows down or crashes randomly. In case that does happen, you can simply restart it, and things should go back to normal. 

In case you use a password to sign in to your Mac Pro, make sure to remember it or enable the auto-login feature. Figuring out how to reset macbook pro without password is relatively simple, but it can still be a bother that wastes time.

Besides regular restarts, you can maintain the laptop in good condition by:

  • Having a clutter-free desktop
  • Cleaning the dust that accumulates inside
  • Freeing up enough hard drive storage
  • Installing reliable antivirus to detect and eliminate malware
  • Limiting background applications and visual effects

Memorize Keyboard Shortcuts

Memorizing keyboard shortcuts and getting comfortable with them is not something you can accomplish fast. However, the more time you spend using a MacBook’s keyboard, the faster you can expect to remember relevant shortcuts.

You can find the whole shortcut list on the official Apple website, but there is no need to memorize every shortcut. Instead, focus on the relevant ones which are related to your work.

For instance, if you need to take screenshots to send instructions or proof to others, Shift + Command +3 and Shift + Command + 4 will be one of the first shortcuts you need to memorize. If you have to multitask and use multiple applications, remember to press Command + Tab to go through different applications. 

Use the Dictation Feature

The dictation feature comes in handy when you do not wish to spend all the time typing the keyboard. If you have to write a text, why not use your voice and let your fingers rest for a while? 

You can enable the feature in the Keyboard preferences. English is the default dictation language, but you can also add an unlisted language via the Language pop-up menu if you wish. 

Check the Official App Store

While there are many great apps developed by third-party sources, it would be better to stick to the official store that has applications approved by Apple. After all, you cannot know whether an app created by an unknown developer is safe. If it infects your MacBook with malware, you will have performance and battery problems. Not to mention potentially exposing personal information.

No, instead of risking questionable apps, stick to the official store because it should have more than enough apps to choose from, especially when it comes to work productivity. Time-tracking apps, calendar apps, project-tracking apps, remote communication apps, and other tools you need for work.

Back up MacBook Data

Get in the habit of backing up your MacBook data. While the computer hardware is reliable, something may happen to it and lead you to lose files that were on the laptop’s hard drive. Besides, it is not just hardware problems that could delete the files. Malware and someone stealing your Mac are possibilities as well. Losing work files will spell trouble.

To prevent the potential problem, use Time Machine and an external hard drive and create a file copy that you can access as a backup. 

You could also back up the computer files using iCloud storage instead. However, iCloud only offers five gigabytes for free, meaning that you will need to pay a monthly subscription fee for additional storage.

Customize the Home Screen

Customizing the home screen could also be something that will help you with overall productivity. If you prefer, you can disable the Dock altogether or move it to the left or right side of the MacBook’s screen.

Not having shortcuts on the laptop’s desktop is also a good piece of advice. You may be tempted to play video games or use other entertainment apps if their shortcuts are visible on the desktop.

Get Rid of Distractions

Besides desktop shortcuts, there are other distractions that you need to take care of if you want to have a productive day of work on a Mac. 

Disable notifications in the Notification Center by enabling the “Do Not Disturb” mode or disabling notifications of apps separately.

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