ExpressVPN vs PureVPN, Which One is Best for Kodi?

Different types of entertainment platforms are available today since the blending of television and the internet through our smartphones and portable gadgets. Most of us are left wondering, which from these applications are affordable, desirable, and available at a moment’s notice. Another thing to ponder is how to make these media-streaming connections secure and private for our daily use?

Introducing Kodi and Two Compatible VPN Providers

Kodi is an open-source entertainment application that offers versatility, affordability, and accessibility. It is a free application that lets you stream shows, movies, and lets you organize your photo gallery or music collection. You can even personalize your use of Kodi with its adaptable user interface, for it is designed to meet the needs of different nationalities while extending its global influence. 

An occasional problem our modern connections encounter is security threats such as hackers, probing applications, and illegal monitoring software mining for our data. One defense we have is to install a trustworthy VPN service provider which is abundant these days. Two VPN service providers claim to be best suited to run with Kodi.

ExpressVPN and PureVPN are both VPN connection security applications. This article shows you methods on both their differentiating traits and how to install ExpressVPN on Kodi as well as PureVPN. Both are excellent choices to run with your personalized Kodi application with unlimited media streaming access while keeping your data protected.

PureVPN with Kodi

PureVPN is one of the go to’s with having a secured connection while running Kodi. PureVPN comes with a specific add-on that can be installed with the media-streaming application. PureVPN offers its subscribers with strong data encryption while having a kill-switch feature in case your internet connection suddenly gets cut-off. 

ExpressVPN with Kodi

ExpressVPN is an affordable VPN service provider that functions to unblock restricted mainstream content without compromising your data security. It encrypts your connection by masking your IP address against cyber-attacks and threats. ExpressVPN does this by bouncing your IP Address location to one of their secured IP Address hubs. This shall give you unlimited access to previously restricted media streams.

ExpressVPN then runs your Kodi device between your internet connection through an encrypted data tunnel. It results from which your ISP cannot read and monitor your traffic, nor can it make logs and sell your downloads and stream activities. Now you can use Kodi + VPN without worrying about securing your streams of data.

Here is a simple method to install PureVPN with Windows or Android.

  • Subscribe to PureVPN service provider
  • Download the PureVPN installer
  • Initiate and Complete PureVPN installation
  • Enter your Log-In details the same as your PureVPN subscription account
  • Connect to any available PureVPN Subsidiary server
  • Verify your New VPN
  • Run PureVPN on the background
  • Open your Kodi application

Install PureVPN’s Addon to Kodi Itself

  • Download the PureVPN for Kodi Addon from their official website
  • Open Kodi and go to the addons section
  • Select and click on the Package Installer
  • Select Install from ZipFile
  • Browse to your desired installation location
  • After Installation Click on Addons
  • Then click on Program Addons
  • Select the PureVPN Addon
  • Log-In your subscription details
  • Choose a PureVPN Server location
  • Verify for the new IP address
  • PureVPN addon now runs in conjunction with Kodi
  • Start streaming Kodi Media Content  

The Basic Way to Install ExpressVPN to Run with Kodi

Follow these steps to accomplish this task:

  • Download ExpressVPN Installer after Subscribing to its services
  • Create and Input your Personalized Username and Password
  • Run the ExpressVPN installer to your device
  • When the installation completes, open ExpressVPN Application
  • Provide your log-in information or details
  • Pick any available ExpressVPN Subsidiary server shown
    • Connect with ExpressVPN Subsidiary Server
  • Verify that your IP Address has been changed
  • While ExpressVPN runs in the background, go ahead and open Kodi
  • In Kodi, you can now open its mainstreaming interface and personalize it
  • Once Kodi Interface is set-up to your tastes :
    • Select or add content to your wish-list.
    • Start streaming media you prefer.


Kodi media application software could run with either PureVPN or ExpressVPN. The difference between ExpressVPN and PureVPN is that: PureVPN provides a strong data encryption tunnel, and ExpressVPN while protecting your connection, gives you access to prohibited media content while running as a background application. Thing is, ExpressVPN meets all the criteria needed to have Kodi run with an unlimited streaming capability which PureVPN makes for its stronger data security encryption.

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