Famous casino robberies during history

Many casino players dream of winning enormous prizes at online casinos. It doesn’t happen most of the time which motivate players to engage in illegal activities and make money in an alternative way.

This review will represent some of the biggest robberies in casino history. For this reason, players and providers consider an online casino as much safer option, so you can login into page ’’GameTwist login’’ and enjoy playing. Read on and find something about biggest casino heists…

Pert, Australia – The Crown Casino (2013)

If you want to receive some big winnings at an online casino, you should have an insider. That’s how you can achieve something according to Crown Casino story. The Australian venue was the target of local criminals who used an insider to receive information about table games. It resulted in a profit amount of $32m.

Later on, the casino discovered illegal activities and suspicious bets. Both security cameras and VIP manager have worked against the casino and enabled massive theft from Crown venue. The account manager, however, didn’t receive any amount to his account and casino didn’t charge him.

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Las Vegas – Circus Circus Casino (1993)

Another robbery happened in Circus Circus casino in Las Vegas. That was an excellent opportunity for Heather Talichief to take $3m from the venue. She was driving a truck which has been delivering cash for busy casino weekends. One day the truck disappeared with $3 million. As confirmed by video camera checks, Talichef has driven away with ATM money. After 12 years of running, she handed over to authorities ending with six years in prison.

Las Vegas – Stardust casino (1992)

Bill Brennan has stolen $500,000 from Las Vegas Stardust casino. The man was working five years in Stardust casino. Later on, he applied for the supervisor position but has been rejected. During the five years, Brennan found out everything about the casino security system and took $500,000 from the venue. This lucky man has never been caught by authorities…

Las Vegas – The Bellagio Casino (2000)

Last but not least, we can mention the Bellagio casino at Las Vegas. Jose Vigoa from Cuba has been known as a casino thief. This man achieved to take $160,000 in chips and bank notes from Bellagio venue. However, he made one mistake and cameras recorded everything….Vigoa has been imprisoned and sentenced to 500 years. This massive robbery has led to movies Oceans 13 and Storming Las Vegas.


As you can see, casino heists resulted in massive thefts from famous casino venues. Even today well-known casino venues are targets of criminal groups and authorities have a lot of unfinished work…

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