Four Incredible Advances in Gaming Technology

Gaming has come a long way since entering the mainstream market during the 1980s. The variety of available titles boomed, and so did their quality.

Today, we get to enjoy simulations, virtual and augmented reality, and numerous innovative features. Plus, the portability of entertainment, from mobile games to gambling on websites like EnergyWin, became the norm.

Today, our expert Boross Ors from Hungary will explain how technology has changed video games. He’ll also touch upon what that can mean for the future of gaming.


Facial and Voice Recognition

The newest trends in technology revolve heavily around customization and personalization. Facial and voice recognition are two prominent fields that capitalize on the increased demand for those qualities in games.

When it comes to your face, systems of facial recognition and 3D scanning have been an enormous success. They assist players in making much more realistic avatars in various virtual worlds.

Moreover, scanning helps games analyze the player’s emotions, adapting the gameplay to maximize enjoyment. Even new gambling technology includes facial recognition to collect data.

When it comes to voice recognition, its benefits are already evident outside the world of video games. Nowadays, they also help gamers control the gameplay hands-free.

You can turn your console on and off, interact on media channels, and play music and videos by talking to your gaming system. It’s revolutionary, and it could change how we play games in the future.


Modern technology tends to be all about convenience. Portability is the next big thing, letting you enjoy what you want, when and where you want it.

Mobile Gaming

Smartphone games have been a thing as long as smart mobile devices. However, playing on your mobile has become much more engaging with the advent of technology.

It blends convenience and portability with the ever-increasing quality of available titles. Mobile gaming lets you experience the best of both worlds.

Wearable Gadgets

When you ask yourself – what is gaming technology – wearable gadgets aren’t the first things to come to mind. Still, their increased use in gameplay shows how much gaming grew as an industry.

What started as a trend in fitness is now a massive strategic move for game developers.

Wearable gaming means enjoying your favorite titles through glasses, smartwatches, and other gaming console extensions. It’s all about immersion, and these gadgets are making it happen.

Cloud Gaming

While not as direct as the previous two portability developments, cloud gaming transferred the tech demands away from your PC.

Creators took a lot of their creations to the cloud to lower hardware system requirements for new video game releases. Using the cloud opens the doors of massive servers to developers, streaming images to you directly from the Internet.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Game developers have been trying to create more engaging environments for a while now. The level of vividness enabled by VR/AR gaming is the best representation of those aspirations.

VR headsets are increasing in popularity and reducing in cost these days, letting gamers enjoy a more immersive gameplay experience than ever before.

If you’re not big on headsets, you might want to go out and play games in a changed version of the real world.

Augmented reality lets you do so. Pokemon GO was the first one to popularise this approach to entertainment, but it’s far from the only one.

Realistic Graphics

If you’ve been following the announcements in the world of game technology recently, you already heard the term ‘ray tracing’ thrown around.

This technology, primarily deployed in cinema, serves to blend real-life scenes with CGI. Developers put it in use while creating some notable titles like Shadow of the Tomb Raider and Metro Exodus.

The lighting effects add to the already incredibly realistic graphics of these games. As more cinematographic effects are becoming the norm, the standard for game design is shifting.

Final Thoughts

The remarkable advances that took place recently made it extremely exciting to try and predict what the future holds for gaming. The trend of continual improvement doesn’t look like it’ll stop any time soon, so there’s a lot to expect from developers to come.

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