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Getting a logo for your business is very crucial, but at the same time, it is very much difficult, especially for small business owners. You should know that logo designing can cost you more than thousands of dollars, and this is not an affordable price for everyone. Today in this three-minute essay, we are going to tell you all about the best logo generating apps that can help you in getting a free logo for your brand. You should not be confused about logo designing with these online logo maker apps as they are easy to use and require no prior skills and experience.

Features of Best Logo Maker Applications

Here are the top logo maker apps available on the web; all of the apps discussed have the following features in them!

  • The logo maker/creator applications are very easy to use.
  • You can customize your logos with the help of these logo maker apps.
  • The logo maker apps are free or are very affordable.
  • The result of these logo maker apps is very much appreciable and unique.
  • All of these logo maker apps are the best ones for making any kind of logo.

Logo Maker – Free Graphic Design & Logo Templates

You should be very clear about the app while starting logo design. This Logo Maker App belongs to CA Apps and is known to be one of the most reliable Logo Creator App on the play store, and you should know that with this application you will get more than 2500 logo templates, you can get more than 6000 logo icon designs and surprisingly this graphic designing app will provide you with the best 500 plus font style designs that you can use in your brand logo! 

This application has the cleanest layout and interface, and you just have to install this app on your smart device, you have to select the category and simply help yourself in choosing the perfect template that suits your business. You can add your brand images in the template to give it a very personalized look. You should use this app as it is efficient and very much cost-effective!

Logo Maker App by Limepresso

This application is known to be one of the finest applications available on the web. The logo maker application is famous because it can help you in the designing of logos from scratch and can also help you by providing templates for editing and personalization. You can get more than 200 free logo designs and font styles with this logo application. The result of this application is always unique, and of good quality, experts recommend that one makes a logo for bold brands with this application!

Makr by Happy media

Now, this is also a very famous logo maker application that is available on the web for free. You should know that with the assistance of this logo maker application, you can easily select the best category in which your business falls and can easily select the best template for your brand. You should know that this maker application is not only for logo making, but you can also make other graphics with this app too, you can use your creations, stickers in the logo that you are creating with this application. This is a very easy application that you can use for free and without worrying about any registrations and restrictions.


Now, this is yet another logo maker application on our list today. This is the best icon maker app for logos. You must be familiar with the fact that logos are of three different types, the first type includes the logos that are only based on icons and symbols, the second one only on text and the third one is the combination of both. You should know that with this logo maker application, you can easily help yourself in selecting the best logotype for your brand. If you want to take inspiration for logo making, then this application can help you a lot in this regard.

LogoScopic- logo creator app

Now, this is a new and trendy application that can help you in making the best logo for your brand. This is a free logo maker application that can help you in getting the unique logos for your brand. This application also works based on setting different categories for your business. You can choose the category which compliments your business and then edit the template that you feel is the best for your brand.

All of these logo maker/creator apps are of good repute and can help anyone who wishes to start a new business with a unique, effective and competitive logo!

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