How Can You Save Your Money With Printer Ink?

Do you own a printer and find that the cost of printer ink puts you off using it? So many people are finding themselves priced out of the printer ink market these days that we thought we would share some advice to help you save money. Try one or all of these tips and see how quickly you manage to save your cash.

Print Only When You Need To

It may sound obvious, but so many of us print off far more than we need to purely because we lack the organization to keep a grip on our printing. Taking the decision to print only when you need to means that you have to consider every item before you print.

For example, do you need to print multiple drafts before the final version when you can proofread on screen? Or is it wise to let the kids have free-range access to the printer when they print things that end up in the trash? Whatever your printing nemesis is, it is sensible to consider each item honestly before you send to print.

Use Grayscale & Draft Printing

Another great way of saving ink costs is to use the grayscale and draft copies option. Printing items in greyscale will stop you from emptying your colour cartridges when you do not need to and allow you to save your colours for photo printing and final drafts of homework and office work.

Likewise, if you have to print drafts to work on then using the draft printing option will use dramatically less ink but you will still be able to read the work and edit it ready to print in full again. Using these two printing options will extend the life of your printer cartridge and help you to reduce use that is not needed.

Try Replacement Ink

When the time comes to get new cartridges for printer machines it can be an expensive job. However, there are many replacement ink companies on the market where you can buy printer ink and save yourself significant amounts of cash.

Companies like Smart Ink work hard to produce high-quality ink for a fraction of the price of genuine ink. The great thing is that when you go to the right ink specialist, you can look forward to the same high-quality ink that you are used to but your wallet will still be happy after you have checked out your purchase.

Bulk Buy Your Cartridges

Finally, when you do need to buy ink you can usually find a seller that offers bulk discount and will reduce your overall order the more units you buy. This is a good way of saving cash with very little effort although you will need space to store the inks that you end up buying.

If you do opt for this solution, make sure that you have enough money to get the best discounts and always check the sell by dates of the inks to make sure that you will be able to use it all in time. Once you are happy with your ink purchases you can take them home ready to use whenever you next run out.

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