How Technology is Changing the Way We Game

Recent years have seen massive changes take place in how we play computer games. The days of playing at your local amusement arcade still exist, but we are spending far more time online. Improvements in technology have played a vital role in these changes.

The Games of the Past

Those old enough to remember the computers of the 1970s will have seen massive changes over the years. Players were thrilled at being able to spend their time playing ping-pong, skiing down the slopes and enjoying a round of golf that seemed to go on forever. Some of us never did get the hang of putting. The graphics were as basic as they can be, but it was all we had in those days.

More games came along in the decades that followed, and gradually the quality improved. As the years progressed, players were amazed at how games became more and more complicated. Nowadays, the quality of the video games that can be played on highly-sophisticated personal computers, ones that don’t fall over with the blue screen of death, is so impressive. Some are almost as good as the movies or television shows that many are based on.

And Then Came the Live Casinos

The arrival of the internet changed everything forever, especially those who liked playing casino games. Aided by the new technology, online casinos began opening at a high speed. Players were suddenly able to try their luck at everything from roulette to blackjack with video versions of their favorite games.

More recently, there has been the introduction of live casino action. This allows players to enjoy a gambling experience that is as close as you can get to the real thing. There are live dealers that you can interact with and big cash prizes to be won. All the top casino games are covered so there are some fantastic options at these sites. Being able to play at these live casinos has become even more important during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Playing at the online casinos also sees members being able to claim welcome offers and other promotions.

The Changing World of Slot Games

Anyone who loves playing slot games will know exactly what has happened thanks to modern technology. In the past, playing a slot saw you attempting to get wins on what is called fruit machines or one-armed bandits. Fruit, 7’s, bells, and bars were the main symbol. Playing and trying to get a win was the main aim, not admiring the sophistication of the symbols.

There was usually just one pay line, and the only special features held and nudge. The excitement came from trying to look up the reels to see if a couple of nudges might produce a win.

As technology advanced, the world of slot games was changed forever. Games became far more sophisticated and had a multitude of themes. Those included everything from mythology and fairy tales to spin-offs from the latest films and television programs. The graphics just kept on improving, and there were second-screen bonus games too. Life-changing progressive jackpots also attract players to these sophisticated games.

Those who like playing roulette, poker, or baccarat have also seen significant changes. If they can’t make it down to their local casino, they can go online and play. Video versions of casino games are available and can be played 24/7.

A New Sport

The astonishingly high quality of the games that can be played has even led to a new sport being developed, with incredible prize money. Winning an eSports competition playing the hugely popular game ‘Fortnite’ can make you a millionaire. The games have also been a godsend for online bookmakers who have been giving odds on virtual football leagues while actual sport is suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Time to Take to the Air

There seems to be no end to the advancements in technology. Later this year, there’s the launch of the Microsoft Flight Simulator game. This is the 11th entry in their Flight Simulator series and promises to be the best yet. It is going to simulate the entire Earth with 3D representations using Microsoft Azure technology.

You do wonder what games will look like in 10 or 20 years’ time. What we marvel at in 2020 may well be considered disappointing by those playing games in 2030 or 2040. Only time will tell. But if the changes we have seen over recent decades are anything to go by, prepare to be amazed.

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