How to Build Custom Real Estate Software Solution?

Analyzing the challenges real estate companies face when choosing a CRM

Next, we will consider the difficulties that companies face when trying to choose the right CRM system for themselves. After all, these difficulties are the reason that many companies are still abandoning the use of CRM systems.

The main reason for not using CRM is usually that it turns out to be quite difficult to choose. It is difficult for managers and owners of real estate software development services to decide which of the existing solutions to choose?

Research indicates that most of them don’t know where to start when choosing a CRM. It is not clear whether this or that system has the necessary functions, what possibilities of integration with the systems already used in the company has this or that CRM system.

Indeed, the software market is filled with a variety of solutions and offerings, and it’s actually easy to get lost in them.

What are the main reasons real estate companies don’t use CRM systems?

For real estate agencies

Do you have your own CPM that employees don’t use? With m2, this problem no longer exists! We have undertaken daily support and filling the database to make it easier for your agents to make deals. In addition, the service is constantly being updated, improved and in line with market demands.

Are your agents still waiting in line to view the contacts of the owners in the database? Now each agent has an account with personal contacts and affiliation with your agency.

Place your objects in unlimited quantities in the m2 database and close more deals. Your employees will know what their colleagues in the agency are offering and make joint deals, increasing the average commission check.

Increase the staff of agents at no cost, systematize and control the work of the team using the service, even if you are not at your workplace.

Don’t let them get away! If you are an agency working with certain residential complexes and developers, do not lose clients who are considering an alternative. With the help of m2, offer them similar options in other locations, expand the geography of your agents’ activities.

Discounts not only on holidays! With a corporate connection, you get the Profi Tariff for each employee with a constant discount of more than 50%

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The use of a CRM system in real estate helps:

  • increase sales by 39%;
  • increase sales productivity – by 24%;
  • increase the accuracy of sales – by 62%.

Software as a Service – SaaS

El Software Service as a Service (SaaS) is what your company will provide a service in the cloud so that your customers can access it from anywhere and anytime without having to install an application on their mobile devices.

With SaaS, your company can offer specialized services in certain areas and charge you a monthly fee.

Of course, the size of the company should correlate with the functionality of the CRM. For small companies, it is more rational to choose a ready-made solution that will best suit their needs. As a company grows and processes become more complex, more flexibility is needed in the system.

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