Pressidium: Offering Best Features and Value for Money

Pressidium is relatively new in the hosting world and is considered as one of the best-kept secrets in the industry. Although it’s still working on its other services, it’s one of the best-dedicated WordPress hosting solutions according to experts like Hosting Foundry, universities, companies, and media outlets. Pressidium cites its quality, security, and speed as the key reasons why you should use their servers. 

Pressidium has data centers across the globe, from North America, Southeast Asia, Oceania, Japan, and Europe. The company commenced operations in 2013 and is currently based in the United Kingdom. They offer a fail-safe, secured, convenient, scalable, and renowned WordPress hosting solution that was awarded the Top Tier WordPress Hosting Performance in 2015 and 2016. 

Here are Pressidium’s best features to help you decide if it’s the ideal web hosting provider.

Thoroughly Managed Security

Pressidium values your security and safety, so they offer a wide array of defensive measures and security controls to keep your website safe from malicious attacks. Below are some of the notable security features that the web host provides you.


Pressidium’s servers continually scan, detect, and get rid of malware to keep your website secured. It protects your site by fending off malicious attacks at an infrastructure level, so you don’t have to install extensions and plugins to ensure your site’s safety. The company voluntarily fixes your website when your website gets compromised with no hidden charges. 

Bot Filtering

Another aspect of the web hosting provider’s security stack is the bad bots filtering. It identifies this type of traffic and automatically rejects it from entering your site, while continually allowing real search engines to visit your website.

WAF and SFTP Service

Pressidium offers a proprietary WAF (Web Application Firewall) and SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) that adds extra protection to your WordPress website’s security features. 

Locked-down Environment

If your website gets attacked or compromised, your WordPress site’s security is ensured because of this feature. It secures malicious attacks from within, and the chrooted environment is completed with dedicated server-side PHP execution pools and restrictions. 

Multi-tier caching platform

A multiple layer caching platform separates different operational and application layers. The standard architecture for these web hosting providers is three-tier. At the same time, Pressidium provides clients a powerful five-tier caching platform that consists of load balancing systems, caching of operations, and multiple layers of security. 

Easy to Use Control Panel

You can manage all your WordPress sites using Pressiudium’s intuitive and straightforward user interface that gives you numerous features, such as migration wizard, management of plugins, cache management, automatic updates, usage, and traffic monitoring, and more. 

Full Server Management

Pressidium takes the burden of managing all your WordPress websites in every aspect. They take care of the control of the DevOps (a combination of software and IT operations) and automatically manage updates and backups. This feature helps you fully dedicate your time to your growing business. 

Staging Site

This feature provides a clone of your website that’s independent of your live website that your browsers see. You can access this powerful feature with a click of a button, and quickly preview your site, make hassle-free changes and testing before officially going live. 

Quality Cost-effective Services

Pressidium offers secured payment methods and allows you to pay monthly or annually, even giving 20% for those who choose to pay yearly. Their lowest tier priced plan costs $18 and comes with advanced features that other web hosts’ basic plans don’t cover. They also provide you with a generous 60-day money-back guarantee, ensuring that you get your money’s worth. 

Pressidium is an underrated web hosting provider and easily stands out because of their quality services and versatility. If you’re looking for an affordable quality hosting provider to ensure your WordPress websites run the best they can, Pressidium is the ideal choice for you. 

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