5 Main Rules of Being Safe Online

In a world where technology is growing at the pace of lightening, it’s hard to keep up with the new technology and its advantages. Although, one thing is a must in this emerging era and that is being safe. I hope that you already figured out how to be safe offline, but what about the online world? That’s where this article is going to help you to understand the rules of being safe online. Here are 5 main rules of being safe online that you should follow to live a happier life.

Don’t Share Too Much Info

The thing about sharing information is one of the most important things for securing you and your loved ones. Although, many people don’t know how much they can share online without sharing too much data with strangers? To answer that question, it all falls under your work and professional status.

If you are a person with higher authority, you should always share only professional data like email on the internet so if another person wants to get in touch with you they can do that easily. Just don’t share personal information like Mobile number to any person you don’t know personally.

Safe Browsing Is The Way To Go

When you are out searching or browsing for content, you should not be careless about clicking on lurid and attractive offers in those particular sites. The internet is filled with people who just want to make money by selling your personal information to other companies so one careless click can expose your browsing history and infect your device thoroughly.

For fixing that you can make sure if the website is secure to search by checking the website’s address bar. You would see a lock icon, click on that and you would see a dialogue box that would say if the site is secure to for browsing or not. Another way is to download an extension called “HTTPS Everywhere”.

Privacy Setting Always On

You can tell a lot about a person by conversing in the offline world. That changed in the online world, where hackers and marketers are dying to know about your personal information and social media usage.

Hackers can get a lot of information from your browsing history, and even get your saved passwords by accessing the browser’s cookies.

However, modern web browsers and mobile operating systems can save you when you have enabled the right privacy settings. To be honest, these settings are quite difficult to find but by searching you would get quickly enough information about privacy settings.

Spot Out For Phishing And Scams

You also need to aware of ongoing phishing attacks and scams on the internet and keep your family members posted about that too. If you don’t know about phishing let me tell you what you need to do to be secure. Don’t click on any unknown URLs sent seemingly by your bank or a friend.

There are many application and software which can automatically block malicious URLs in your mobile phone as well as personal computers.

You can also download and set up Spy Apps to save you and your loved ones’ from exposure from harmful online people, will tell you about it more on a later part of this article.

Understand The Usability Of Spy App

The most trending and emerging technology are Spy apps, as there are many advantages of using it. If you don’t want your loved ones’ to stumble upon harmful websites that can get you and them in trouble, then this is the way to go. Moreover, it can get you features like call tracking, GPS tracking, social media tracking, and more.

There are various Spy apps in the market right now, and I know choosing the best one is also a tedious task for you, that’s why I have researched a lot about it and found just the best one – It’s called cocospy and you can check out Cocospy reviews. This app is going to take care of all the tasks to secure your online presence. It comes with diverse features to take care of your online spying needs. The process of installation, usability, interface is considerably easy to get around too.

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