How to Install and Play Rules Of Survival on PC?

After watching the infamous Bahubali, have you ever imagined being on the same battlefield as it, where you are confronted with opponents, powerful enemies, and unlimited weapons? Did you ever want to capture the enemy’s kingdom and make it, your very own? When in leisure, did you ever think of waging a friendly war with people around you? You might have done all of these things while you’re a kid and sometimes, even now.

The latest century have us drawn to the gaming technology and dream of something, and you can play a game containing the theme. All the games come with crystal clear details, impeccable graphics, and battles where you will be regulated by a set of rules and regulations. Rules of Survival is one such game that has been released in the Android market, which can be tagged under the survival genre. The game gives you two options where you can either fight or can survive, either all by yourself or with your team.


Easy Method to Download Rules of Survival on PC

Well, initially this game is only downloaded on the Android devices because of its availability in the APK format. But later, the methods to install Rules of Survival on PC have been developed. Here’s a comprehensive and step by step guide where you can get the game on PC

Download Using Bluestacks Player:

The installation only takes around 5-10 minutes and once it is done, you can run the game with an ease.

  1. Visit the official website of Bluestacks and get hold of the Bluestacks Android player from it. Make sure you get the right version, by checking your windows.
  2. Now, install the android emulator by following the step by step instructions.
  3. As soon as you are done, open the Bluestacks App and you can see the Android interface being open on the computer.
  4. From the menu, open the Google Play Store and log into it using the Gmail credentials and sometimes with the phone/email verification.
  5. In the Play Store, search for the ‘Rules of Survival’ game and wait for the official result to launch. Find the install option and click on it, in order to download the game.
  6. Wait for the installation to be done and within minutes, you can find the game on the home tray menu and you can play the “Rules of Survival” on PC with an ease.

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Features of Rules of Survival RPG Game

You might have already come across more than a ton of survival games for the Android devices but one thing that makes the Rules for Survival is the impeccable features that it contains. When compared to all the other games, it stands out because of the unique and the extraordinary gameplay it contains.

  1. An extremely user-friendly interface which makes thing very clear and precise.
  2. The game is light and it doesn’t take much space on the device in order to stay installed.
  3. It has versatility wrapped in the game, and therefore is extremely flexible.
  4. It comes in two different modes: both single player and the multiplayer.
  5. The animation and the sound quality can be said as expertise because of the quality they hold.
  6. A unique thing about the game is that it contains realistic player movements with realistic surroundings.
  7. Lastly, you can find a wide domain of weapons in the game ranging from minute to massive weapons.

Final Verdict!

Concluding, Rules for Survival game is one of those exciting survival games that can keep you on the hook, throughout. You can spend quality hours playing the game without any boredom or without running out of the energy. This game will help you have exquisite fun with the fast and furious gameplay where you should be the last man standing. Excited? Download the game already and play it on the bigger screen. Stay tuned to our blog LiveForTech for more updates on apps & games!

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