How to Run Java .Jar Apps on your Windows Machine?

There were days when we used to use no-touch screen basic Java smartphones, admit it we all liked they way those phones used to makes us wonder back then. Those java phones used to come with Java store that had numerous games and apps just like we have play store now. Playing those games and using those apps was the first smartphone experience we had in those days. Slowly as the technology and time has evolved those phones have started , thanks to Google Android has slowly replaced the traditional Java based featured phones. Not that we are complaining, Technology should evolve and reach new heights, Today it is Android that replaced Java, tomorrow it will be something else.


Now our main moto to write this article is, we are avid fans of Java and its features apps and games we still want to use and have some fun time, but the support and proper environment is no longer available. If you are also a big fan of Java based applications and want to experience the golden days again, there is a way you can do that. Yes, With Java PC emulator you can still run Java based applications on your Windows based PC. It is a known fact that Windows cannot run Jar files by default so we shall take advantage of the Java emulator and runs the programs. So here goes the detailed steps wise explanation to Download and Run Java application on your PC.

Pre-Requirements to install Java on Windows PC 

  1. Windows PC
  2. 512MB Ram
  3. OpenGL
  4. Java PC emulator

Steps to Run Java Applications:

  • Firstly for your PC to support Java Emulator, you must install Java Run Time Environment on your PC and to download that head over to Java main website or click here.
  • Now that you have installed the Run time environment on your PC, its time we download the Java Windows Emulator, so click here to download the genuine copy of the Emulator.
  • Once you are done downloading the Emulator on your windows PC, its time we extract the software from the Zip file. To do that we suggest you have winrar or 7Zip softwares which are quite easy and light.
  • After extracting the software from the Zip file, you can double click on the KEmulator icon from the same folder. In the Earlier version we had to go through a lot of trouble installing the software in C-Drive, linking the Java RE. But with the new version it is portable and no longer needs any installation. Just direct use.


This is where you now runs Apps, once you have opened the emulator, in the Midlet of the menu bar you find “load Jar”. We know it will be a little hard to find Jar files now a day, but we don’t you to go on searching for them. The Zip file you downloaded contains two games for you, one is angry birds and the other is Counter Terrorism. Load any of the game and have fun.




This is how you run Java based Apps and Games on your Windows PC. Simple and most reliable way. If you want to customize the Emulator, just click the view option in the same midlet menu and in the options you can tweaks size of the emulator, resolution, feature phone model, screen width/height and many more.


Hope you have found this article helpful. Share it with your friends so that they can use old nokia hone apps on pc and re-live their memories 😉

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