Send and Receive Faxes Freely on Email With The Best Fax Service 

The technology has improved much and there are many more choices for communication these days. But the method that has continued to win over the hearts of many people is fax. Fax still stands as one of the top best communication means among all others in the field.

One of the pros of fax includes the superb security that it offers. The security and safety provided by fax make it top all other ways of official communication. However, there are certain things intruding in its way of success.

Fax came into the communication world a long time ago, at the time when technology had not much advanced. So the requirements for faxing at that time were suitable. But today, when the world has progressed so much, the old requirements are not suitable as well as achievable. Thus, there was a dire need to make amendments in the faxing process and make the requirements up-to-date.

Can Faxing be done through Email?

Faxing through email is a very effective way of faxing as it provides ease as well as convenience. Various firms have already incorporated this way of faxing for their daily official discussions and communications.

But the problem is that email cannot directly work to send and receive faxes. Whether you try any email client, it simply won’t work. This incompatibility was raised due to the different working mechanisms of the two platforms, fax and email.

This is where the third-party services hop in. These intermediary fax services do their work as an interpreter and bridge the gap between faxing and emails. Now that you know all about email faxing, the only thing left is to find a suitable and perfect fax service that serves the purpose.

CocoFax – Email Faxing Is Now At The Palm of Your Hands

CocoFax is one of the leading brands in the world of online faxing. CocoFax allows you to send free fax without asking for any payment details or credit card info. Actually, it is one of the very few fax services who provide quality faxing services at a cost that is equal to none.


CocoFax has some superb features that can be found nowhere else. So sit tight if you want to know about all of them. These superb features let you fax from your email account, whichever email you use. CocoFax goes with Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook or any other email client.

As far as its notability and fame are concerned, you can have an idea about it from the fact that CocoFax has been featured and positively reviewed by the world’s topmost media brands like PCMag, Forbes, PC World and many others. Further, there can be no denying the fact that CocoFax has a client base containing millions of people from all over the world.

For a detailed description of all CocoFax features, see this post here. You will find CocoFax the best of all others. CocoFax lets you fax from a variety of devices which include computers, tablets, and even smartphones.

All You Need For Email Faxing through CocoFax

There is not much that is required. The requirements are rather simple than primitive faxing techniques. So there is nothing to worry about. You might already have most of them. So here we go.

Email Account

Email faxing can never be done without an email account. So that is the first thing you need to make sure of. CocoFax places no restriction on what type of email you should use. You can use any email client for the purpose as long as the account is working and active.

Web-connected Device

Make sure that the device you are going to use for the purpose of faxing is connected to a well-established internet connection.

CocoFax Account

If you opt to go with the services of CocoFax, then you first need to register with it. This is quite simple as you just have to visit the official website and benefit from the 30-day free trial that CocoFax offers.

Fax Number

A fax number is mandatory irrespective of the faxing method you choose. But if you are working with CocoFax, that is nothing to worry about as CocoFax provides free fax numbers to its users.

Process for Faxing through Email

Step 1: The first thing is always to sign-up. Click on the button for a 30-day free trial and provide the email id of the account you want to use for sending and getting faxes.


Step 2: Along with a full free month, you get a free fax number too. And this free fax number is chosen by you. CocoFax lets you decide on what kind of fax number you want for your convenience.


Step 3: When you are done signing-up, create a new mail after opening your email account. First, fill up the ‘To’ field with the fax address of the fax receiver. The other two fields of the subject and email body are optional. In the Subject, write the note that will come at the top of the fax file. The email body contains the content of the first page of the fax file.


Attach the fax file through the paper clip icon and hit on the send button. CocoFax will convert this email into a fax-capable format and then send it.

Receiving Faxes on Email

CocoFax is not at all like the methods of the old times when you had to keep the fax machine on all the time if you did not want to lose any fax. There is no requirement of such sort by CocoFax.


Where receiving faxes is concerned, you will get all your faxes on your email just like you get all other emails on your email account. See, it is that simple


There is no doubt that CocoFax is a one-of-a-kind fax service that provides convenience as well as quality. It is not something to miss so go and get started with CocoFax’s email faxing features right now. 

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