Download SuperSu 2.82 Zip Android Latest Version For Free

Android rooting software allows you to have an advanced and wide level of control on your device like smartphones, tablets, etc. and it lets you manage all your Android settings along with it. Now the software in discussion here is the SuperSu zip file which is one of the best free Android rooting tools out there.

There are many previous versions of this software that needed fixing of many bugs and root failure but now with the latest SuperSu V2.82 comes with many updates and cleaning up the previous faults. Here we have tried to give you an overview of the latest version and the download guide for supersu 2.82 zip and steps to install it.

Through rooting, you can modify applications and all the settings of the system. Some can even go so far as to grant you certain permissions on some applications which would be normally denied. It also helps you break the normal performances of the Android software and push its boundaries.

Pros and Cons of SuperSU


Like every good software, it can bring to the table good and bad features. The trick is to not let the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. Go through them and decide for yourself.

On the plus side, you can gain unlimited access freely and quite easily into the root settings of your Android device. Unlike many other apk files, you can get this for free and download without much hassle. The SuperSU Flashing is also pretty quick to operate.

When we are looking at the downsides of this software, taking in basic considerations you need to have a good understanding of operating the root system of the SuperSU zip latest file. To run the software you need additional help from TWRP software installation which can be a little time-consuming.

Download Supersu Zip Latest Version 2.82

As the first step, you can go to the download site using the link given below and download the SuperSU zip file free download onto the system and you can also copy it after downloading it into any of your other Android devices.

How to Install SuperSU ZIP?

Here are the easy steps broken down into parts for your better comprehension of installing the SuperSU zip file. Let us take a look at the zip installation steps carefully.

  1. Check for the proper key combination in your device to the TWRP environment as specified against each of the device names and the recovery screen pops up. By clicking on ‘Install’ you can start the process right away.
  2. The SuperSU zip latest installation option will be shown right there in the window and you can perform the swipe function for the flash confirmation.
  3. Once the SuperSU zip has been installed you can click on the ‘Wipe cache’ to clear out the memory. As the next step, you can click on the ‘Reboot System’ for your continuous functioning.
  4. Your SuperSU app will be visible on your device right about now and again you have to install an app that will let you root your device. You have to grant access to its permission status and you will be shown a message indicating that your software has been successful in rooting the device.

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SuperSU Features

All the features that the SuperSU zip file comes to enable it to be such great software. It can be a SuperSU zip for Android 5.0 Lollipop or Android 6.0 Marshmallow. You can temporarily and permanently unroot the device along with being able to run it in ghost mode. The notification can be configured app-to-app and it can also work even when your Android is not properly booted up. It can be run on prompting and it also allows access to the Superuser on prompt.

Bottom Line

Even though the process to install the SuperSU zip file can be lengthy, the software works pretty fast and provides smooth access and control over the Android system. Having just 5.9 MB size the Flashable zip file also downloads easily and you can always make it work in recovery. It is also very trusted and in case of any doubts you may have regarding the installation of the software or its operation, you can always contact us in the comments and we shall bet back to you as soon as possible.

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