How to Fix “The active directory domain services is currently unavailable” in Windows 7/8/10?

Windows, as we all know, is the most popular desktop operating system installed in millions of personal computers present all over the world. Over the years Windows has been providing a seamless experience to the users for a basic and advanced form of works. But there also several errors that users face. These errors like “the active directory domain services is currently unavailable”, however, can be easily solved if they know how to do so.

The active directory domain service is currently unavailable in Windows 7,8,10

One such problem which the Windows users have experienced many times is “the active directory domain services is currently unavailable”. Have you faced this problem before? Yes? Then you must have landed in this article to find a solution to it. Well, we are going to discuss some effective solutions to this problem.



Overview of the problem

If you are working with a lot of documents and printers, you may come across different problems occasionally, especially during the final printing stages. However, you would notice that the problem is more relevant while using the MS Office and its different components. When you are trying to get a printout, you may face the “the active directory domain services is currently unavailable”. This means that the system has failed to detect the printer and thus you cannot continue with the printing process and have to abort it. Almost all the major printer brands like HP, Canon etc. face the issue.

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Solutions to “The active directory domain services is currently unavailable”

So after you have faced the problem, you would want to solve it the right way, isn’t it? Here are some effective ways to do so and make sure that your system prints out.

Basic Printer Troubleshooting

  • The first thing which you must do is to run a basic troubleshoot. To do so, press the Windows button and W at the same time.
  • Now under the troubleshoot menu, find the Printer option and click on it.
  • Now follow the basic steps which will be shown to you by the system itself. It will take a few minutes to fully check for any basic issues and then you can ask the system to resolve the problem itself.

Use Registry Editor and Give Permissions

  • Press the Windows key and R and a dialogue box will appear.
  • In this, type ‘regedit’ and click Ok. After this, from the left, you will find the registry editor.
  • Search for the three subkeys in the current version key- the Devices, Printer Ports, and the Windows.
  • Now to get the permissions, you will need to right click on each of them separately and then select the user account which needs to be granted.
  • Now tick on the Allow option and then ‘full control’ option and click on Apply, then Ok.

Restart the Print Spooler Service

  • Open the Run command by pressing the Windows button and R at the same time.
  • Now type in ‘services.msc’. Now under services, search for the Print Spooler service and check whether the service is running or not.
  • If it does not then start it and if you see it running then stop it and restart it again. Restarting the service will make sure that the Print Spooler service runs perfectly fine and therefore will remove the error.

These three solutions are very effective and will easily solve “the active directory domain services is currently unavailable” error which you may get while printing out a document or anything else using MS Office and any of its other components. Follow all the steps which we have mentioned remove the error.

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