The Reasons Why Google Chrome Is Better Than Other Browsers

The most convenient, easy to use, and with a pleasant to the eye interface browser is considered Google Chrome. This browser is recommended for work, for freelancing and web surfing, as its page loading speed is much faster than other well-known browsers. Also, it is truly stable and safe, which is quite significant for working conditions.

The Leader – Why Google Chrome Is Better Than Others

Google Chrome is a force that cannot be ignored. If all these eleven years, from the very first day after its release on September 3, 2008, webmasters had to test their websites for compatibility with it, then today websites should be created based on Google Chrome first and then tested on everything rest.

When Google launched Chrome, no massive mass media company was needed – everyone on the Internet and so voluntarily talked about this. This was news #1; Google did not need to pay for advertising, it had enough of its resources and the authority of the “good corporation”.

It makes no sense to describe all the technical characteristics of the browser, but it is important to know that many of the functional features of the program are hidden from prying eyes. The following points can convince you to download chrome from a secure source.

Fast Navigating Speed and Bookmarks Manager

Few people know that each loaded page in the browser is a real separate processor, and it works independently. Manage all tabs, pages, and processes in the browser allow your task manager, which works similarly to the Windows Manager. It can monitor every working part, turn off, and switch entire tabs, watch how the memory and resources of the program are used. Task Manager opens in the menu “Tools” or through the keyboard shortcut “Shift + Escape”.

Advanced Search Bar

The search through the address bar was invented by the developers of Google Chrome, other companies use it now. This feature includes the use of the address bar to enter the site address, and queries in the search engine Google. The search engine is installed by the owner of the computer and is used offline. If the owner has not made the settings, the program uses the default search engine. Thanks to Google search, such pleasant details as mail, converter, calculators, the ability to observe the weather forecast, and other trifles are available. You can view and use them by typing the key combination “Ctrl + K”. You can change your search engine in the “Options” menu.

Perfect for Experts

For programmers working with page codes, the function of calling and activating an additional special toolbar is specially provided, using the keyboard shortcut “Ctrl + Shift + I”. Also, the browser has a great function of working in Incognito mode, when the history of visits is deleted, and other users can not determine the IP address on other pages. You can activate the mode by simply entering the menu and clicking on the “New Anonymous Window” button or holding down the “Ctrl + Shift + N” combination. Also, right-clicking on the link, you can open a new tab in incognito mode.

Intuitive and comfortable interface

Google Chrome also provides for saving space on the taskbar, and all tabs can be pinned. This feature is great for those who are daily faced with a large amount of information on the Internet and requires the systematization of tabs in the browser. In general, Google Chrome’s bookmarking system is very convenient, which is why it is considered one of the best browsers.

Powerful extensions and in-app applications

Some sites that need to work offline, exist as an application. Thanks to such programs, access to the pages is as fast as possible. To do this, you need to download the application and install the shortcut in any convenient and visible place, even on the desktop. Download files as comfortable as possible – the downloaded information does not go anywhere but is displayed at the bottom left. It can be transferred by dragging and dropping to any other folder without any problems and wasting time.

PDF Format for Pages

Some articles are so beautiful that users have a desire to read them further on the big screen of the reading room. In this case, the page can be saved in PDF format through the section “Share” by clicking on “Print.” A window will open in which you need to open the drop-down list at the top and select “Save as PDF.”

Saving traffic

Chrome has built-in traffic savings. You can activate them through the settings in the “Traffic Saving” section. When the function is enabled, the pages will first be sent to Google servers to compress them and only then will be displayed to the user in a compressed form.

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