Valorant guide: 12 tips for beginners to get better

Just got your hands on the incredibly popular Valorant? As you mark the beginning of your gaming career with Valorant, keep in mindsome Valorant cheats and the tips mentioned below, and you’ll be a pro at it soon.

Be firm while shooting

A firm and steady ground gives you better control. With a stable posture and aim, you can cause more damage to the enemy. Many players try to shoot while moving. This leads to more misses. You can afford to do this at a higher level, but as a beginner, accuracy is the key to success.

Know your agent

Valorant has many characters known as agents. Every player must understand the agent they are using. With proper knowledge of agents, a player can cash in on the agent’s strength. Choosing an agent that matches your gameplay style helps you inflict more damage.

Save judiciously

Creds are life-savers in Valorant. As you win, you receive creds. These creds are used to upgrade the agent and its weapons levels. To make the best use of creds, you must save them for a good upgrade. Buying minor upgrades doesn’t help much, and hence, you must spend your creds wisely.

Customize settings

The preferred settings for each player are unique. Some players like to have high sensitivity, while others find it easy to play with low sensitivity. Similarly, tweaking other game options also helps. A beginner must keep experimenting to find the best configuration for him.

Don’t run

Movement is crucial in Valorant. As you play more games, standing at one point will get you in more trouble. But, to move, you must not run. Running in Valorant produces significant feet sound. To safeguard yourself from this situation, you must walk and change your position.

Understand recoil

The recoil of the gun is an eternal part of Valorant. For a good aim, the players must account for the recoil of their weapon. Choose a gun with lesser recoil and more damage. Such a gun increases your chances of delivering better hits.

Find the right angles

Shooting games are all about angles. The better angle you find, the more damage you will cause. In Valorant, too, you must look for angles that are uncovered. Finding such angles can take your opponent by surprise and give you a healthy edge in the competition. Also, knowledge about critical angles helps you defend yourself against angular attacks.

Be flexible

Sticking to a single agent is an excellent strategy. But if required, you must be flexible enough to play with other agents. There’s a chance you won’t get an agent that perfectly complements your gameplay while you’re playing in a team. To overcome this shortcoming and help your team, every player must be ready to change their game style according to the situation.


Practice is crucial to any game. Even for Valorant, you must practice enough before trying out a new kind of attack or defence. Practicing not only gives you confidence but also makes you understand the game better. You can then easily plan your strategy to suit all circumstances.

Armors are crucial

Many people are busy buying guns. But try buying armor too. To attack any player, you need to be alive. Armor provides you a shield to safeguard you from attacks. Investing in armor gives you an edge over your enemies. With armor, it takes them more time than usual to kill you, and you also have more time to shoot them.

Communicate with teammates

Communication is vital to succeeding in Valorant. Communication with your team helps you find loots and mark enemies. Without proper communication, you might fall for your opponent’s plan, and nobody will be there to save you. Remember, the chance of surviving in Valorant without your teammates is bleak.

Crosshair placement

Crosshair is crucial to improve your aim. In any shooting game, your aim is the ultimate decider of your victory. Crosshair helps you achieve a better aim. Make sure you position your crosshair correctly to get the best results. The better you place your crosshair, the more damage you can cause.


Following these tips and tricks consistently can help you get better at Valorant quickly. Once you get better, try to hone your skills even more and discover your own strategies. If you have other Valorant tricks for beginners, comment them down below.

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