Video Marketing Strategy for Startups

The impact of online marketing is huge, especially in a world that is battling against the pandemic. Everyone is indoors and is using digital platforms to keep in touch with the rest of the world. In order to reach potential customers, businesses are increasingly adopting interactive marketing ideas. Out of all the tools, videos have emerged as the most effective media for delivering the messages and educating the customers. This post aims to provide valuable suggestions that would help in structuring your startup’s marketing strategy.

These days, people locked up indoors spend most of their time in front of a screen, be it a computer, tablet, or smart-phone. People are online, and this fact provides the perfect opportunity for brands to reach out to potential customers online. The consumption of video content is on the rise, with over five billion videos being streamed every day over YouTube alone.

Business marketers and Digital Branding teams have been quick to capitalize on the growing popularity of the videos. Videos are now a part of nearly all corporate settings, with a fair budget being allocated to Video Marketing campaigns. As a startup, it is important to make the best use of this interactive marketing tool and tap into this raging trend.

Nearly 63% of businesses have included videos as a part of the marketing strategy. This number is expected to grow as more and more business owners are looking for ways to include videos in their advertising and marketing campaigns. Videos are extremely vital in the growth of the startup. They help in creating brand awareness, building customer trust, and growing the brand network.

Benefits of Video Marketing for Startups

In this section, we would be looking at a few benefits that Video Marketing brings for startups.

Great Medium for Telling Your Story

Video content is a better mode of communication than text-heavy articles. Videos can deliver precise messages engagingly and effectively. A consumer may not read your text, but a small video would help them visualize and understand the content very easily.

Create Brand Recognition Among Viewers

Text-heavy content fails to grab the audience’s attention, but a video does the job quite easily. With the attention span of the viewers decreasing, it would be unwise to add long descriptions in your advertising and marketing strategy. Videos capture the attention and deliver the intended messages with ease, thus ensuring that the audience connects to your brand.

Videos Expand the Audience Reach

Nearly one-third of the internet population stream and download videos from the internet. It means that you would be able to reach a large target population with the help of video marketing. More brands use emails, personalized messages, blogs, or social media. Videos give your startup a competitive edge and help you create a distinct identity for your brand.

Videos Can Give Your Annual Revenues a Boost

The interest generated by the videos gets converted to an increase in annual sales. Studies have shown that websites with video content have nearly an 80% chance of higher conversion rates.

Steps Involved in Building a Video Marketing Strategy on a Tight Budget

Moving on with your discussion, we would now be looking at a few steps to help you create an effective and scalable video on a startup budget.

Understand the Purpose of Your Video

If your goal is to increase the conversion rate, chances are your videos won’t be half as effective. Yes, it is the ultimate goal for all businesses. However, video marketing strategies should educate the customers about your product/service and keep your viewers entertained.

You shouldn’t just slap a sales pitch in a video and expect that to work. Videos should have a relatable message for all viewers. Understand what problems your organization intends to solve, and let the viewers know how your organization is a better choice.

Decide on the Format of the Video

Once you have established your target audience, now is the time to work on your video content format. The goal in this step is to provide viewers with something that they would relate to. Your message has to be clearly pitched in the video, so the format is of critical importance. A trending format for videos is the use of slideshows. You could find a plethora of slideshow maker applications over the internet to make yourself a clear presentation.

Create Your Videos Yourself, or Get Yourself Professional Help

Creating Videos might feel like a tough task. However, you can easily work on free tools online to create a video. It is a misconception that videos have to be perfect. The videos do not have to be aesthetically pleasing or include complex animations. The most important thing for any video is to communicate clearly with the audience and deliver the message.

You can also take professional help; however, on a tight budget, this option won’t be feasible. You could take help from professional vloggers and influencers, as they would not only help you in making a compact video but also in ensuring that the video reaches a large audience.

Let the Viewers Ask For More

Keeping the viewers interested in your thread is important as it makes people come back to your channel for the next video. This, in turn, makes people like and subscribe to your channel so that they can access the latest videos once you post them. If your video can make people come back to your channel later, it shows that people are actually interested in your message regarding your product/service.

Promote your Videos Strategically

It would be of no use if you post your video on YouTube and pray it reaches the viewers. You have to invest a significant amount of time and effort and promote your videos across various channels. The startups might not have high budgets for promotions. So, you have to ask your near and dear ones, friends, and other contacts to spread your word.


Video Marketing is no rocket science. It is the perfect time for you to start using an invitation maker for your marketing strategy. Yes, starting out might feel like a tough task, but once you begin your journey, the only way you would want to go is forward.

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