Want to hire big data developers?

The number of new professions that are relevant to employers is growing every year. One of the areas in which not every HR is oriented is the selection of an employee for the vacancy of a big data developer.

If you want to hire big data developers, you need to know that professionals in this area are needed for many companies, because the skills of designing systems for collecting and processing significant amounts of information are becoming very in demand.

Basic skills

The big data model programmer designs data collection and processing systems, develops architectural information, creates software in accordance with the processes occurring within the company. Clarifies and embodies the vision, strategy, principles of information management for solving specific problems.

When implementing the model, the following actions are carried out:

  • Production;
  • Debugging;
  • Elimination of information flow processing problems;
  • Documentation of technical solutions;
  • Control of the project performance;
  • Planning of product development and its potential.

The functional content of the programmer’s tasks will depend on the distribution of roles and the degree of division of labor in the company.

How the market works

The IT market is developing all the time: it was like that ten years ago, and today the situation has not changed. Only the vector is changing: for example, recently the direction of data science, data engineering, machine learning and everything connected with them has been growing.

In every programming language, new frameworks, software platforms and software, new developments, libraries appear every now and then, and specialists need to constantly monitor this in order to remain in demand. Hence the first reason for the lack of developers: self-improvement in IT takes time and money. A rare specialist will have time to study all the innovations and understand them, and the cost of such a frame will be very expensive.

How to attract the best talent

For programmers, high wages are not the only criterion. Of course, it affects the employee’s interest in the company, however, for ambitious personnel, growth conditions are very important, the ability to constantly improve their skills and learn, as well as perform interesting tasks and work in a team.

You need to understand that if you constantly do the same projects and do not really develop, then after a year it will become clear that you are outdated. Read more on https://data-science-ua.com/big-data-company/

What mistakes are made when hiring

Most mistakes can be boiled down to one thing: incorrect communication. This is when, at the very beginning, the specialist and the employer did not understand each other or incorrectly outlined the area of responsibility and the range of tasks.

For example, a company is hiring a tough, experienced person for a job that they’ve outgrown. The man was a programmer, then he took up architectural issues, worked in the devops sphere; in the end, he understands how the processes are arranged in companies, can analyze them, automate, optimize them.

Another example: an incorrectly composed vacancy. Often, vacancies are created by HRs who doesn’t know much about developer skills. Because of this, the information in the vacancy is presented in general terms: some competencies, some technologies, and as a result, the candidate does not correctly understand what really awaits him in this company.

Therefore, the main advice if you want to get a cool specialist and not lose him in a couple of months: provide him with the opportunity to grow and improve and listen to his initiatives. Then you will get a truly grateful and promising developer who will stay with you for a long time.

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