What is ETDCtrl.exe and should you uninstall it?

ETDCtrl.exe or ETD control center file is a general software component from ELAN Smart-Pad by ELAN Microelectronics. ELAN Smart-Pad is a one kind of touchpad normally found in laptops. The Control center is run by ETDCtrl.exe which a configuration screen that provides different types of options to modify the settings of the ELAN Smart Pad. It is not an official process by Windows and also it can be easily disabled if found creating any kind of issues.

ELAN Smart-Pad is used for finger tracking as it is an input device. This device is most probably sold to the original manufacturers such as Lava and Samsung. The two and three fingers gestures are being featured by the track-pad along with perceptive zooming in and out, scrolling, magnification, rotation, tapping, windows switching and many more. ELAN Smart-Pad also upholds the Windows platform.


What is ETDCtrl.exe (ETD Control Center)?

ELAN Microelectronics corporation origins from Taiwanese company which designs integrated circuitry and microchips. ELAN is specialized in the development of the Smart Human-machine interface applications which is massively invested in researching the captive touchpad. The Headquarter of the company is located in Hsinchu Science Park, Taipei, Taiwan and was founded in 1994 and it also owns few offices in USA, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

The full-form of ETDCtrl is Elan Trackpad Device Control Center. The .exe extension on a filename represents an executable file. In few cases, executable files can harm your computer in many ways. So just carefully read below mentioned article to ascertain whether to remove ETDCtrl.exe from your computer assuming it as a Trojan or not or whether that file belongs to the Windows operating system or a trusted application.

File Information for ETDCtrl.exe

This process is known as the ETD Ware TSR Enhancements or ETD Control Center which belongs to the software ETD Ware PS/2-x86 or ELAN Smart-Pad (of version WHQL, WHQL, WHQL, WHQL, WHQL, For, For XP WHQL, WHQL 03 Sep 08,, WHQL,, WHQL,, WHQL,, WHQL) or ELAN tech Smart-Pad or ETDWare PS/2-x64 (of version launched by the ELAN tech Devices or ELAN Microelectronics.

Further Description : ETDCtrl.exe is most probably not essential for the Windows operating system because it causes few unleaded problems. ETDCtrl.exe is situated in a sub-folder named “C.\Program Files”. The file sizes on Windows XP/7/8/10 are around 335,870 bytes in which occurrences are 17%, 1,891,700 bytes and even more variants than 127. ETD control center does not comes under the Windows operating system file. The ETDCtrl.exe file is rather a file which is signed by the Microsoft company.

None of the programs in it have got visible windows and also the file contains an unique digital signature. ETDCtrl.exe is a Verisign signed file and it is also able to record the inputs from the mouse and the keyboard and monitor different applications. So due to this reason, the ratings for the technical security is 34% dangerous, however you must read the user reviews first. It is recommended.

Should You Uninstall ETD control center?

After trying so much if you still find problem and issues with the ETDCtrl.exe, then you can remove it by uninstalling the software named ETDWare PS/2-x86 WHQL or ETDWare PS/2-x86 WHQL with the help Uninstall a Program feature of Windows Control Panel.

We hope you would have got an idea about what exactly ETDCtrl.exe is. We have mentioned in detail about the use and the origin of the ETD control center and also if you found any problem, then how to install it. If in case you find any difficulties related to the article, feel free to ask all your queries in the comment box down below.

3 thoughts on “What is ETDCtrl.exe and should you uninstall it?

  1. This Elantech ETDCtrl.exe folder is occupying 84mb of the Reserve System Partition on my Desktop I understand it has something to do with Touch Pad function, It is in program files, have tried several times to delete, always the same message The action can’t be completed because the folder or a file in it is open in another program, what program can this folder or file be in, I know it is in the Reserve System Partition because an IT Professional had remotely accessed my computer, they didn’t remove it, kept insisting on a yearly maintenance plan that sent up alarms, they hadn’t even fix the problems their software caused. I have been trying to do a reinstall of the operating system for two years always the same issue with the partition, now i know why i will never be able to install another operating system as long as this problem exisists, currently trying to install windows 8 Pro, can’t delete volume to format partition, both options are inactive or grayed out, any help would be greatly appreciated
    Thanks for prompt response.

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