IDP Generic Virus : What Is It And How To Remove It?


Introduction to IDP Generic Virus

The IDP in the IDP Generic stands for Identity Detection Protection and further references to the fact that the virus attempts to steal information related to your identities, such as banking or other sensitive details.

This threat can either be one of the two things:

  • A simple false positive stating that antivirus software one is running could no longer recognize the file so it categorizes it as a virus when it really isn’t.
  • A piece of really bad news, not a false positive and that is called a Trojan, a computer virus. A trojan is a malicious program designed to extract or steal money from people by hacking into their online ID and passwords. This virus can even take control of your computer.

How IDP Generic Virus Works?

Once attacked by the Trojan virus, it starts working stealthily on the background of one’s system by intercepting their internet traffics or emails or corrupting system files or both. It will most likely be used to steal one’s banking information, passwords, and other critical personal information.

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Removing IDP Generic Virus

IDP Generic warning most often is a concomitant of the outdated Avast antivirus software otherwise known as AVG and therefore in most cases it could be easily removed just by software updation. And if that fails, it means it is indeed not a false positive which means a Trojan and so it needs to be dealt with carefully as stated below:

Solution 1: Install an updated version of Java

Even an outdated version of Java can sometimes trigger IDP Generic warnings. So, in case of uncertainty about the real cause, one should immediately uninstall the Java and install an updated version of it and check if it resolves the issue.

Solution 2: Remove Related applications

There is a possibility of removing IDP Generic Virus manually. Just remove the specific applications related to it and the ones that are not needed. In fact, Windows and macOS these days allow the user to remove an application if they no longer want it.

Solution 3: Run Antivirus Scan

Once the suspected application or programs has been removed, run the Avast antivirus again and see if it fixes the issue. This step may or not be successful since it is really easy to say which application exactly may have triggered the warning or because Trojans can simply affect multiple files or programs at once.

Solution 4: Remove Newly Installed apps

If the warning is still there then it indicates the presence of a persistent malware infection which can cause the virus to keep coming back repeatedly. In this case, one can try to remove the virus without using an antivirus. Simply look for newly installed apps and remove them from the Settings. Android users can directly go to the Google Play store and remove it. In case, one is using a third-party app then uninstall it too. Still if the warning shows then it’s better to Reboot the device to “Safe Mode”.

Solution 5: Perform a System Restore

Even after all of the above steps if the IDP Generic shows up then one should go for System Restore. System restore is one of the most helpful Windows/macOS utility tool which can be used to solve any major problem in the Windows devices. Note that while selecting System restore, it is important to restore up to the point where one can be certain of not having their system affected by the IDP Generic virus at all.

We hope you got all the information you needed to know about the IDP generic virus and details on how to remove it from your computer. If you have any doubts regarding the process, type in the comments below. 

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