Why is CyberGhost the best VPN?

The term VPN (Virtual Private Network) may sound like a complicated sci-fi reality from the future or something only Sheldon Cooper would understand. But a VPN is simple to use and an essential tool that all internet users in this day and age should have.

Essentially, a VPN is a way to protect your information and privacy online. What’s more, you can also use it to bypass geo-restrictions.

This article digs a bit deeper into why to use a VPN before exploring how CyberGhost VPN’s transparency, good value, and efficacy make it the best fast and secure personal VPN on the market.

Why use a VPN?

The scenarios where a VPN could save your hide or allow you to have a better experience on the web are numerous.

Take public Wi-Fis, for instance. These hotspots have low barriers for connection, and generally, their security is flimsy as well. When you send important information across these connections, it is not too hard for someone to intercept it and use it for their purposes. A VPN, however, encrypts your data and makes you anonymous.

In another scenario, you may be traveling or living abroad, or surfing the web through your university’s network. There are many sites (such as gaming or on-demand video platforms) that you may not be able to access, leaving you high and dry on the entertainment front. A VPN can make it appear you are connecting from a different geographical location or network and unblock the content for you.

Whether you want to avoid becoming a victim of digital crime, access your favorite games and shows, or have privacy online, a VPN is the answer.

But what is the best VPN? The web is crawling with shoddy contenders, some of which are scams themselves.

If you need a fast and secure personal VPN, look no further than CyberGhost VPN.

What’s so great about CyberGhost VPN?

What it boils down to is that CyberGhost VPN is trustworthy and has the technical chops to get the job done.

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of CyberGhost VPN’s specs and advantages, it’s important to note that it’s not a free VPN. That might sound like bad news to you, but it’s not. It means they are honest and upfront.

It costs serious money to run a VPN service, so the so-called free VPNs out there will end up making you pay, one way or another. It may be through a barrage of annoying ads that bog down your internet experience. Or maybe it will impose excruciatingly slow speeds combined with data caps.

Worst of all, a free VPN could be selling your data on the side, or even using the software to infect your computer with a virus.

In short, you should take the same approach to free VPNs as you do to the emails from Nigeria saying you inherited $5 million from your long-lost uncle and all you need to do is hand over your bank information. Steer clear.

But for that matter, what’s to say that VPNs you pay for aren’t doing the same thing with your data? What if they’re just more cunning, charging you for a data protection service while simultaneously profiting from the info you run through it?

It is here where CyberGhost VPN truly stands out from the rest because it has a strict no logs policy. It cannot misuse your data because it doesn’t have it. End of story.

To back this commitment, CyberGhost was the first player in the VPN industry to publish a transparency report, back in 2011.

But while CyberGhost VPN’s legitimate, transparent service that provides you value is not free, it won’t break your bank, either.

At $2.75 per month for the three-year plan, CyberGhost VPN stacks up favorably against other competitors and gives you the best money-for-value in the industry.


A few other features that set CyberGhost apart include:

  • Military grade AES-256 encryption.
  • A choice of over 3600 servers and a feature that automatically connects you to the best one for you.
  • An intuitive and easy to use interface.
  • A 45-day money-back guarantee.

These advantages, plus CyberGhost VPN’s fast speeds, combine to make it the best option for protecting your privacy online and improving your digital life.

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