Top 5 Free Zombie Games for Android 2020

Zombie games are quite popular nowadays, especially on the android platform because many free zombie games are available on android which can be played online. The other reason is the amount of thrill, and excitement it offers. One can not resist playing games once he has started, whether he is a kid or adult. Due to which, zombie killing games are trending the google play store. here, we are going to give you list of some cool zombie games for free. Keep reading the post for knowing if your favorite one has made to the list 😉

Nowadays Gaming is not just Limited to Gaming Stations and PCs. There is a Huge Gaming App Collection for Android Platform because of its Number of Users the Android Apps and games are Increasing Day by Day very Fast. As there is a wide Number of Games in each Category so there is great confusion also which game is the Best. So for our readers, I am gonna tell you Top 5 Best Free Zombie Games for Android Users. These Games Can be Played in Both Android Phones and Tablets.


Everyone had seen Zombies in Games and Movies Lots of times, many Peoples fear them but everyone loves to Play Zombie Games and Watch Zombie Movies. So, if you Love Zombies Games this Post is for you. In this game, I have selected Best 5 Free Zombie Games for Android Phones of 2017. So don’t wait just download the Games from the Link included and Start Enjoying this Games Anywhere and Anytime.

Zombie Dash


In many movies, you have watched a Single Hero Fighting all Enemies and at the last Wins out also. Now In this Game, you gonna feel the same. While Playing this Game you have to same the City from the all Odds and Zombies. The evil Zombies are in the City and Killing all innocent Peoples and Destroying the City. As a Player, you have to Make the Best use of Weapons Provided and Save the City and Peoples from the Dash of Zombies. 

Contract Killer Zombies


Many times you have heard that Peoples Died and got alive again in the form of Zombies. Now, these Peoples need to be Killed otherwise they will kill you. Contract Killer Zombies is a Zombie Shooting Game. This Game Play is Easy but very Interesting, In the Game, you will a Zombie Killer and you will be having a Girl Partner for rescuing Peoples and Land from the Dead Mans Zombies. The Most Interesting part of the Game is that the Zombie Killer, which means you will on Wheel Chair on the Game. So with Killing Zombies you would have one more Task to Protect your Friends while they will be collecting Extra Coins and Foods from Zombies. The Game is really interesting you can Download Contract Killer Zombies.

Dead Trigger


Dead Trigger is of the best Zombie Game and you can Gauge its Popularity by the Fact that the Game has its Sequel Dead Trigger 2 also. Dead Trigger is First Person Zombie Shooting Game. This Game fully Loaded with great Graphics Quality, lots of Action, and Ammunition. In the Game, you will be roaming in the whole City in the search for Killing Zombies in the City, which is hungry for your Blood. Dead Trigger Game provides you to choose weapons and Unlock Further Levels. Dead Trigger is a Must Play Game you can download Dead Trigger and Dead Trigger 2 from here.

Zombie Ate my Friend


The Game is Interesting Like its Name. In the Game, you will be Finding Zombies in every Street of the City and you will be killing them, Scavenging and Staying Alive to Find a Way to End all the Zombies in the City. You need to be Brave enough while Playing this Game to push yourself on the streets and Kill the Zombies.

Samurai vs. Zombies Defense


This Zombie Game is Different from others. In the Game, you will be Playing as a Samurai who will defend his Village from the Zombies Attacking. In the Game, you will be getting Upgrade yourself and Defense Items as you get inside the Game or If you need it earlier you can buy it by spending some bucks. The Game Play is good and controls are also easy. You can Power Up yourself or Call Supporting team with the dedicated buttons Placed at the bottom of the screen. Download Samurai vs. Zombies Defense for Free.

We hope you got a list of best online free zombie games. If you are interested in best strategy games for android, you can get them from the link. We hope you liked our list of zombie killing games. Download these zombie shooting Games and Start Playing them now. Don’t Forget to Share it with your friends too.

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