Solution Of Kmode Exception Not Handled in Windows 10

Windows is the most preferred language by professionals and school students all around the world. The mac may be an option but a variety of options for laptops and PC available in windows makes it one of the most used operating systems. But Windows 8 and 10 also has some bugs in it. One of the errors faced by users using PC or laptop running windows 10 is Kmode exception not handled, basically, it is a form of a bug called Blue screen of death which might make your computer shut down at any point in the operation. In your PC it may be displayed as “kmode_exception_not_handled” error message.


Solutions for Kmode Exception Error in Windows

Some of the important ways which would enable the user to handle the kmode exception error present in Windows 10 are as follows.

Disable Fast Startup on your Windows PC

This is one of the easiest methods that are available to fix up the issue related to not handling the kmode exception. Fast Startup can essentially help you out in this case, and the steps to disable the same are,

  • Navigate over to the Control Panel.
  • Click on the tab called “System and Security.”
  • Click on the tab called “Power Options.”
  • You can select the option called “Change what power buttons do.”
  • Now go over to “Change settings that are currently available.”
  • Click to untick the box reading “Turn on fast start-up.”
  • Save the changes and you’re all set.

The steps shown above would help you to solve the problem of kmode exception not handled in a cinch. But if things do not work out as expected, then there are things that can be done in the operating system, as shown below.

Perform Driver Updates 

This is another thing that must be done when it comes to fixing up the kmode problem. There would be old worn out drivers that need updating, and eventually fixing up. You might face issues even though, the drivers are updated, so you need to do this activity in the safe mode.

To do this, you need to turn your PC on and turn it off using the power button to stop the normal booting process. Once you are in safe mode, the steps shown below should be taken,

  • Click on the Windows button and X to navigate over to the Device Manager which will pop-up instantly.
  • Once you have gone into the Device Manager, you can search up for Other Devices.
  • You can now click on the unknown device which might be a possible cause of the exception.
  • Now click on Update Driver Software for updates.
  • A pop-up will now appear that would search up the drivers for updates.
  • Once the drivers are updated completely, you can then restart your PC.

This can essentially fix up the problem without any backlogs.

Let Windows Repair by itself

This might seem a bit of an odd alternative, but it is a rather essential one if truth be told. The reason this point is important is that the system can fix itself when this eventuality arises. The user can use SFC Scan which would focus on fixing the problem, and observe if the system is working properly or not. The steps include,

  • Start with opening up the Command Prompt, by navigating to it using the Windows + R button and then typing cmd OR you can directly search up for cmd in the Search option.
  • Enter the following command sfc/scannow and then press the enter key.
  • You would need to wait up for a couple of minutes until the process is completed.
  • Proceed to restart the computer now.


All of the above steps mentioned above will take the user a step closer to removing the kmode exception not handled for good. This should fix kmode_exception_not_handled in windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10. But it is important that you also search for the BIOS options to understand the main cause of the problem. Identifying this will solve the problem for good.

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