Keeping Children Safe Online, What Should You Remember?

The internet is full of so much danger for adults. There are scammers and hackers all looking for ways to take advantage of you. For children, the internet is much more dangerous, especially when they are not supervised.

More and more children now have access to the internet with or without their parents’ approval. They are also using a variety of devices to get online, making it difficult to supervise their online activity. Parents, however, must make sure that they know what their children are doing online. This helps to protect them from age-inappropriate content, contact with strangers, and providing too much information on themselves and family to the whole world.

Here are some tips on that parents should always remember to keep their children safe online.

Use Antivirus to Filter Inappropriate Websites

Parents must ensure that their children can only access age-appropriate websites. Secured antivirus with decent parental control  is optimal and avoid children access. This helps parents protect their children from age-inappropriate content or giving out too much personal information about themselves.

Limit and Monitor the Devices They Use to Get Online

As a parent, you should always remember that your child has several devices they can use to get online. They are no longer limited to a desktop or laptop computer. They have mobile phones, tablets, and other devices. Monitor these devices also, to make sure that your children stay safe while they are online.

Start Talking to Them Early on The Dangers of The Internet

As soon as your children gain interest in being online, let them know that it is a dangerous place to be. Educate your children early on the benefits of using the internet appropriately and the dangers that it may lead to. Parents should teach their children how to make sure that their antivirus software is always updated. Also, teach your children the need to have a long and strong password to access their computers and certain platforms.

Keep Your Computer in A Common Area

When you do this, you can monitor what your children are doing online. Also, they can easily reach you if they need help with anything. Make sure that your children do not carry their internet-enabled devices such as phones to bed or the privacy of other rooms.

Don’t Talk to Strangers or Meet Them

This is one aspect of children’s internet security that parents should never forget. There are malicious cybercriminals, bullies, and sex pests on the internet. There has been a lot of evidence of children who have been solicited and sexually molested by these internet deviants. Train your children to not talk to strangers online. They should also never meet physically with anyone they first met online.

Always Remind Your Children to Keep Their Location Private

Parents should remind their children to guard their privacy while online. They should not post details of their home address and private matters. They should not give too much information about the places that they visit often or wherever they are at any moment. Do not allow your children to use apps that track their location, it can lead other people to them.

Block and Report

Parents should teach their children how to use the block and report feature on social media apps. If they come across bullies and inappropriate content, they can always block and report it to the platform administrators.

Not All Links and Websites Are Safe

First, make sure that you have a good antivirus for your computer. After this, you can remind your children not to open websites insecure websites and not click on every link. Teach them about viruses and how they can affect their computers and compromise on their online safety. This will help keep your computer, your information, and your children safe.

Trust and Respect Your Children

As your children grow, allow them to have more time on the internet and to visit more websites that are relevant to their needs and age.


Children and adults are vulnerable to the risks and dangers of the internet. Parents should insist on the need to be careful when spending time online. Limiting the time children spend online and educating them extensively on the dangers of the internet is a good place to start. A recommended antivirus will keep both you and the children safe online.

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